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you would need a hm,s to do that

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Q: Are liquids things that can go through tiny holes?
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How does the respiratory system operate?

As you breathe through your nose, it will go through the windpipe and into your lungs. It will go through tiny holes in the lungs. The wastes will get out from the tiny holes into your windpipe and you breathe them out.

How is chives pollinated?

the answer is simple: chives have tiny microscopic holes in them which enable the tiny pieces of pollen to fit through the tiny holes. Hopefully that answered your question.

How does grasshopper breath?

A grasshopper breathes through tiny holes which are known as spiracles. These holes are located on the abdomen and the thorax.

What do plant take in through tiny holes in their leaves that help them to make food?


How does water enter the body of a sponge?

When a sponge is submerged in water, the water enters the sponge through the tiny holes in the sponge. The sponge fills up with water, as a balloon fills with air, only not as visibly. When you squeeze the sponge, the water exits that sponge through the tiny holes...exactly the opposite of how it entered! Tada! :)

What is the function of transpiration in plants?

The process of water moving out of the plant through tiny stomata holes.

How do cockroaches breathe?

Cockroaches breathe through the tiny holes called spiracles which are present along the side of their body. Oxygen enters the cockroach through these holes and follows the tiny breathing tubes called tracheae to all of the cockroach's body parts.

Tiny holes in the skin are called?

tiny holes in the skin are called pores

What are the defenses of a castle?

Various things-the battlements, the moat. firing arrows through tiny slits; murder holes where you can drop various substances on people below; various cannons and similar weapons.

Do preying mantis have lungs?

Insects do not have lungs, they breath passively by diffusion through tiny holes in the abdomen.

Is a window screen a permeable?

A window screen is selectively permeable. This means that only certain things can come through the screen. For instance, the tiny holes in the screen might only let in super small things like water droplets.

How is the cell membrane similar to plastic bag with tiny holes?

It's like a gateway guard or the airplane security. It controls what gets in and out.