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Yes, long-distance relationships are possibe. They are not always easy. You have to have a very strong relationship and you have to have a huge amount of trust for each other. You both have to be very strong and individualistic people with friends who can support you. You have to have a good way of communicating such as phone, IM, e-mail, or even snail mail, and you need to communicate often. If either of the people involved is jealous or insecure it won't work. It will be easier if there is an end in sight. If you have to be apart for a few months and know that after a certain time you will be re-united, you have a better chance of success than if you start a long-distance relationship without any end in sight.

Answeryes, they are possible because me and my boyfriend have been dating for almost 6 months and its a long distance relationship, we only see each other on the weekends but we see each other every other chance we get. well goodluck to you!! AnswerYes! they are. iv been in a bunch of long distant relationships. they worked out. the way they stay together is if you guys find a way to keep in touch like mail each other or go visit each other every time you have a chance. but if you relly love that person and they love you. you don't need to worry about it.


AnswerUnless there is an end in sight of the long distance part, they are usually doomed to fail. The relationship is built on expectations and absence making the heart grow fonder. But after a time, the disappointments and frustrations set in and one or both participants tend to wander away looking for something more satisfying. Sometimes involvement in such a relationship is a way of avoiding intimacy and commitment.

Romances that start over the internet are best avoided, unless you actually plan on meeting each other fairly soon after it starts. If you never get to see the other person, you don't know any of her habits or quirks beyond what she tells you, and you are never together in a social setting, what it comes down to is that you don't know what it's like to be in the presence of this person. This makes you no better than strangers or casual acquaintances. What would the difference between dating and reading each other's autobiographies then? I've seen many online relationships fall out because they didn't pay attention to where it was going.

It could actually work out, though, if either party visited the other at a regular interval and actually got to experience the entire social aspect of dating, and were dedicated to not simply keeping the relationship up for the sake of having a relationship but being conscious of each other's needs and wants. I've known some couples who've met online and had great relationships, but they still needed that "real" part of it.

It's a big risk, and a long shot, and it would probably be better if people didn't actually go online for the purpose of finding a boy/girlfriend, but if you've met someone you think is worth all the trouble and compatible, then I wish you luck.

Answernot if you are needy in your relationship. Some people need more attentiona nd affection more than others, if you are a needy person then I would not reccommend a long distance relationship for you.Patti

of course they are. just as long as you have trust, stay close, and make it work. it is soooo possible.

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Q: Are long-distance relationships possible
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