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Ah yeah it is cool to get high on anything and everything so listen up kids get high any way possible you will finally become free.

I agree with that. Just in case its your first time, then make sure you take at least a quad, or else you won't feel anything at all and you'll be mad that you wasted your money and time.


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Is lepta mushrooms magic mushrooms?

Magic mushrooms come in only 2 real species, neither of which are "lepta" mushrooms.

Is magic mushrooms a depressant stimulant or hallucinogen?

Magic Mushrooms are a Hallucinogen.

Magic mushrooms stimulant or depressant?

Magic mushrooms are neither a stimulant or depressant. They are a hallucinogen.

Are mushrooms opiates?

I believe you are reffering to psychedelic mushrooms/magic mushrooms. The answer is no,magic mushrooms are in no way shape or form an opiate of any kind shape or form.

Are magic mushrooms illegal in Indiana?

Magic Mushrooms? Yes of course they are! Indiana Jones prohibited it!!

Are Magic Mushrooms grown in cow poop?

Magic mushrooms can be grown in cow dung, but other substrates are more commonly used. However, growing magic mushrooms is typically illegal.

How can you tell magic mushrooms from poisonous mushrooms?

Squeeze the stem if something blue comes out then its the magic shroom:)

Do magic mushrooms show up on tests for marijuana?

If the test is just for marijuana, then magic mushrooms would not show up; the psychoactive components of magic mushrooms and marijuana are quite different chemically.

Can magic mushrooms be detected in drug tests?

Although it is possible to test for the chemicals contained within magic mushrooms, standard drug tests do not test for these substances. An extended test may screen for magic mushrooms, but it is uncommon for these tests to be administered unless there is a reason to test for magic mushrooms specifically (ie after an arrest for possession of mushrooms).

Can magic mushrooms help you with Multiple Sclerosis?

There is no scientific evidence that magic mushrooms can treat or cure multiple sclerosis.

How many people use magic mushrooms?

Everyone! No not everyone, there's no such thing as magic mushrooms. If there is, then my head can fly!

What are 5 slang terms for psilocybin?

· Shrooms · Magic Mushrooms · Mexican mushrooms · Mushrooms Musk

Are there poisonous lookalikes to magic mushrooms?

Yes, many magic mushrooms are small and brown, as are a lot of other, more dangerous mushrooms. They can easily be confused with poisonous varieties which appear very similar, which is one of the greatest risks associated with magic mushrooms use.

Are magic mushrooms bad for the kidneys?

Magic mushrooms have been shown to have negative effects on the kidneys. The effects of the mushrooms on the kidneys have ranged from damage to acute kidney failure.

Are magic mushrooms natural?


Are magic mushrooms legal in California?

No they are not. CA has strict laws against both magic mushrooms and even mushroom spores.

What are some slang or street names of magic mushrooms?

psilocybin and psilocin is a drug: its street names are magic mushrooms,shroomies and s'rooms

What are possible safety concerns with magic mushrooms?

Although magic mushrooms (mushrooms containing psilocybin and related compounds) are not generally dangerous on their own, several safety issues arise from magic mushroom use.Firstly, if the mushrooms are wild-picked, one may have mistaken poisonous mushrooms for magic mushrooms. If the mushrooms are bought off the street, the dealer may have simply soaked store-bought mushrooms in another hallucinogen (or the mushrooms may be a poisonous species). Therefore, it is essential to know exactly what mushroom you are taking.Even if one takes genuine magic mushrooms, it is important to be with someone else and in a safe environment. Accidents or self-harm may result if one is not properly prepared for the mushroom experience. Those with mental health issues or a family history of such issues should not engage in magic mushroom use, as magic mushrooms may precipitate or exacerbate mental health problems.Finally, magic mushrooms are illegal in most places and using them could result in severe legal consequences.

Can you get a disease from magic mushrooms?

If improperly stored, fungus can grow in magics mushrooms (mushrooms themselves are a speciece(sp?) of fungus). However, magic mushrooms themselves do not cause any diseases, any other than getting a food infection from fungi that can grow on improperly stored magic mushrooms (which can also happen to normal mushrooms or any other type of fresh food).

What do magic mushrooms do on Dragon City?

release magic particles to protect you

My buddy has a pot plant and little mushrooms are growing out of the soil are they magic mushrooms?

It is impossible to know without properly identifying the mushrooms. Chances are they are not psilocybin active (magic). You need to research how to identify mushrooms and see if yours are psilocybes.

Did Gandhi have any medical conditions?

gandhi had a huge udiction to marijuana and magic mushrooms.! gandhi had a huge udiction to marijuana and magic mushrooms.!

What is the difference between mushrooms and magic mushrooms?

Magic mushrooms contain psilocybin (along with other tryptamine indoles). Most are in the psilocybe genus (e.g Psilocybe Cubensis, Psilocybe Subaeruginosa etc).

How many people are addicted to magic mushrooms?

None are addicted to Magic Mushrooms the way someone is addicted to Opium. A small number are addicted to Magic Mushrooms the way someone is 'addicted' to using a cell phone. The use it compulsively and it interferes with their life.

What are street names for psilocybin?

Street name : magic mushrooms, mushrooms, shrooms, fungus

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