Are magic wands dangerous?

The only things that are dangerous to do with wands is to believe that you have done something bad.

- Summoning the dead, (may cause bad dreams)

- Cursing someone, (may cause guilt)

- If you cast a spell to "protect" yourself and it does not work it could make you believe that someone has cursed you.

My recommendation is... don't believe in dark things and let positive thoughts flood into your mind... it helps.

A Pagan Perspective

A wand is a tool, used to channel energies during magical spells, casting, rituals, etc. The wand itself is rarely dangerous.

Most of the practitioners I know create their own wands (yes that was plural, many of us have several wands) using various woods metals, crystal, stones, etc.

The type of materials the wand is made of often enhances the spell you are working on. For example, a wand made of apple wood, wrapped in copper and with a rose quartz crystal tip is an excellent wand for working emotional spells (friendship, weddings, household peace).

In all cases a wand will "hold" some of the power it channels, which is not a bad thing. Practitioners are aware of this tendency and can use it to advantage.

Second-hand wands do not usually come on the market. In some rare instances a practitioner will gift a wand to someone else, but that is very uncommon.

Even "store bought" wands, which are much less powerful than those you make yourself, should be cleansed before you use them. There is no way to be certain a manufactured wand does not carry a bit of "something" you just do not want, so cleansing it and dedicating it to your use is the only way to be sure.