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Are mermaids fairies?

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No, mermaids are not related to fairies in any way..... At least according to legend.

No, mermaids are not fairies, but each are very aware of each other.

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Mermaids and fairies are very different. One,fairies have wings mermaids have tails. Second of all, mermaids swim and fairies fly. Third,fairies are small mermaids are as big as humans.

Fairies and Mermaids are not real. They are just made up story creatures.

there is no site for mermaids just for fairies

No. They are creatures of myth.

No. Mermaids are fictional beings, just like vampires, fairies and Santa Claus.

Nowhere. They don't exist... I guess.

Unfortunately no. Such things are not real.

No, of course not, there is no vice in believing in mermaids after the age of 12.

Mermaids are mostly located in books, movies and your imagination. Mermaids are fictional beings, just like fairies, vampires and Santa Claus.

No, mermaids are not real. Mermaids are fantasy creatures, just like fairies, vampires, and Santa Claus.

Genie Fairies Mermaids Lepricorns

Fairies can only be found in your imagination. Fairies are fictional creatures, just like mermaids, vampires and Santa Claus.

Unicorns, dragons, and fairies are all mythical creatures.

No, I think it's mostly fairies and mermaids

No, fairies are fictional beings, just like vampires, mermaids and Santa Claus.

No, vampires are fictional beings, just like fairies, mermaids and Santa Claus.

it depends what you believe, personally i think it it would be great if they did but no, i dont think they do.

No, fairies are make-believe creatures, just like werewolves, mermaids and Santa Claus.

There are no such things as unicorns. they are fictional animals, just like fairies, werewolves. and mermaids.

There are no such thing as mermaids. They are make-believe beings just like vampires, fairies and Santa Claus.Mermaids don't exist. So nobody knows their speed.

You cannot. Werewolves are fantasy creatures just like vampires, fairies, mermaids and Santa Claus.

I don't know. Try free realms if u want but there is no mermaids but there is fairies

No. Fairies belong with mermaids, vampires, unicorns etc. They are purely real and beautiful , tiny creatures. There are many legends and folklore stories about them, but fairies are not real. Fairies only exist in the imagination. The films and movies they exist in are all made up. Fairy tales are just stories!

Mermaids are not real and are only make believe. People can not become mermaids.

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