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Q: Are metals generally have low specific gravity?
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Do diabetics have a high or low specific gravity?

A person's glucose control is completely unrelated to his specific gravity.

What happens if specify gravity is low in wine?

generally speaking, the lower the starting specific gravity of the must the lower the amount of sugar available for the yeast organisms to eat and consequently the lower the resultant alcohol content of the final product.

Compared to water most metals have low specific heats.?


Which metal has the highest specific heat capacity?

No. Metals have a relatively low specific heat.

What does Low specific gravity in urine mean?

You are dehydrated and you need to increase your fluid intake.

What is light oil?

Light oil has a low density and flows freely when found in room temperature. It also has low specific gravity and low viscosity.

Is urine specific gravity of 1.004 low?

Yes, it is very low. In some circumstances a very low urine specific gravity in combination with frequent urination and clear or nearly colorless urine can indicate that you might have diabetes insipidus. This is s serious medical condition that you should consult your doctor about.

What does low specific gravity means in materials?

It means that the material has a low density. The practical implication is that a lot of it doesn't weigh much.

Why metals have high electrongetavity than non metals?

Generally speaking, non-metals have high electronegativity and metals have low ones. Fluorine (F) has the highest electronegativity of any element, and cesium (Cs) has the lowest.

Do metals metaliods or nonmetals have al low mealting point?

Yes and No, your question is to general to provide a specific answer.

Why are metals good conducted of heats?

If you haven't learned in your chemistry class about specific heat you will and metal has a very low specific heat. Water has a specific heat of is about 4.18 Joules/g, but most metals are underneath 1 making them be more susceptible to heat changes.

Generally melting points of metals are high name two metals whose melting points are so low that they would melteven when kept in hand?

Galium n Mercury