Are military retirees authorized to purchase issue items at military clothing sales stores?

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Yes, you are allowed to purchase military issue clothing if you are not in or have once been in the military.
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Why have a military?

To protect our country from other invaders. some guy from San Francisco said stuff like this on TV. He wanted the military to be gone! That's crazy!! We need to military to protect us from other countries who hate us. He also said o well yea we have the police. HAH! The police and the milita ( Full Answer )

How can you get out of the military?

officers can resign their commissions, but enlisted personal cannot. enlisted have to screw up bad, refuse to follow orders, present some mental or physical ailment to preclude further military service. depending on reason, a honorable discharge (the best) may be forthcoming or, good of the service, ( Full Answer )

Why is the military draft a controversial issue?

Some people feel it's a violation of our American freedom being that the government is "forcing" you to join the military. Also another problem is that the people in charge of drafting will choose the younger adults before the older ones. So as a parent many are opposed to sending their 18 year olds ( Full Answer )

What is the standard issue military equipment?

This depends on which military organization you are askingabout. Standard equipment will be different, for example, for theBelgian Army than for the army of Malawi. . For the US Arms, the short and simple answer is "to read CommonTables of Allowances 50-900 (Clothing and Individual Equipment),50-90 ( Full Answer )

What is the Florida law concerning items purchased using store issued credit cards?

Florida has no law concerning items purchased using store-issued credit cards. In the eyes of the law, a store credit card is no different than a regular credit card if the card provides a mechanism to pay over time (i.e., longer than one month) and there is a credit limit associated with the card. ( Full Answer )

What is a military?

A military is a part of a government. It is authorized to uselethal force, and weapons to defend and support the interests of astate or country.

What is military?

The military is an organized fighting force.There are 5 branches the Army,Navy,Marines, Air Force,and Coast Guard.Each one has a different job the Army is the largest branch handling ground assaults and some attack helicopters.The Navy controls the sea with their battleships, destroyers, anphibious ( Full Answer )

Why do you have a military?

Ever since the Earth's human population developed into societies, there has been some type of military. It seems that groups just can't get along as we would like. There is always a bully that wants what you have. In order for you to keep what you have, you must be willing to fight for it. Sad but t ( Full Answer )

Where can I find Military retirees uniform regulations?

Retiree Uniform Regulations. (Ref: . In general, the uniform may be worn for ceremonies or at official functions when the dignity of the occasion and good taste would dictate the propriety of the uniform. Whenever the uniform is worn, ( Full Answer )

What is another name for a military store?

The Air Force calls their military stores on base, the BX (Base Exchange), the Army calls theirs the PX (Post Exchange). Smaller stores on large Firebases (in Vietnam), or large Combat Bases for the Army were sometimes referred to as "canteens." For the US Army, Air Force, and Navy, food stores were ( Full Answer )

What is a military store on base called?

If you go on base to buy groceries, you go to the Commissary. All military commisaries are owned and managed by DECA. There is also the Base Exchange or BX (Air Force), Navy Exchange or NEX (Naval Stations), and Post Exchange or PX (Army Bases). Their civilian counterpart would be Wal-Mart, K-Mart, ( Full Answer )

Do military retiree fall under the UCMJ?

Yes and no, the military can recall you if you are suspected of having commited an offense while you were on active duty. The offense must be Courts-Martial level. They cannot recall you to give you an Article 15. Other than that scenario, no, you will not fall under UCMJ.

What is the price of a military issue sks?

Depends on where it was manufactured, overall condition, and rarity. The former Soviet Union, former Yugoslavia, former East Germany, Romania, Albania, North Korea, and former North Vietnam all manufactured variants of the SKS which were issued to their military forces. You could be looking at anyth ( Full Answer )

Are military photographers issued a weapon?

Yes they are. it wont be anything fancy though. maybe a M-9 pistol and a rifle without the grenade launcher. it also depends on the theater you are in

Are doctors in the military issued arms?

Doctors in the military are issued defensive arms--they usually get the M9 pistol. They can't have a weapon to use offensively, like a rifle. The only people in the military who are issued no arms at all are chaplains.

What pistol is issued for military police?

The Colt 1911 Model .45ACP was the standard issue service pistol in earlier years, and is still issued even today. It is one of the most reliable pistols ever made and is still a very popular gun. But in recent years the standard issue side arm of the military has been the Beretta M9, which is a 9mm ( Full Answer )

Can you purchase a military tank?

yes if your military officer or if you are a navy marine or in the core or shock wave (Russian core)

What was the issue with women in military?

The debate is over whether women should be allowed to take up combat roles in the military- mostly ground combat roles such as artillery, cavalry and tanks and such, and especially infantry. They are currently not allowed to serve in such roles, though they can engage in combat as pilots and a few o ( Full Answer )

What do you get when you get out the military?

if you choose to stay in 20years you can retire and draw a military pension. you most likely wont make enough to live off of it so you will still have to get a part-full time job. if you get out before retirement then your just done and go back to your normal life working a normal job.

In what year did the US military stop including cigarettes as a standard issue item?

Seems like the late 1970's, possibly '76 or so. But many of those cigarette issued C rations hadn't been used up yet. So it was possible to grab a meal with C rat cigarettes in the late 70s. The BDUs (Battle Dress Uniform-camoflage) came out in about 1983 or there abouts, and "C" ration cigarettes w ( Full Answer )

How do you store a military gas mask?

Store your military gas mask as follows: Use the mask faceform to prevent damage to the mask in storage. Do not store or transport the mask under heavy or sharp objects. Do not store the mask where it could be exposed to extremes Always clean and thoroughly dry the mask before storage.

Who are you in military?

You are not an individual you and a troop and work as a team nothing is about you but about everyone on your left and right.

What is cid when speaking of military items?

The Criminal Investigative Department of the United States Army. It is the army's version of NCIS (the popular tv show about the navy criminal investigative service)

How many military retirees are in the US?

As of 2010 there are 525,494 officer and 1,391,748 enlisted retirees for a total of 1,917,242. See the link below for source information.

Can a NCO order a soldier to purchase military items?

Yes, a Soldier is given a clothing allowance for the purchasing Military gear. As long as it does not fall out of the spectrum of standard issue. i.e. You will purchase any worn out or missing gear. Is a lawful order.

Can military purchase a handgun in tn?

Military personel can purchase handguns in the state where they are stationed, if they can show paperwork proving they are stationed in that state. In other words, they must provide a copy of their orders to the dealer.

Do military retirees pay taxes on retirement income in WA?

If you are talking about state income taxes, Washington does not have a state income tax so there would be no state income tax on the retirement income for Washington residents. Generally, there would be Federal tax though.

What military item is the roman corbus?

It is spelt corvus. It was a bridge on the prow of Roman ships during the First Punic War. It could be raised an lowered with pulleys. It was used to board enemy ships. The Romans adopted it to make up for their naval inexperience (they were fighting their first naval war) against the great skills o ( Full Answer )

Where can you purchase used military gear?

There are a number of retailers that sell used military gear, especially online. It is easy to find one of the many websites that resells military gear, or some physical locations such as pawn shops.

Who has old military aircraft for sale?

You can find a wide variety of military aircraft and classicaircraft at They also have many resourcesfor individuals to buy and sell aircraft. You can find any used ornew aircraft for sale at AircraftDealer. The direct link to warbirds and classic aircraft is the following: h ( Full Answer )

Where can someone purchase military medals?

Depending on where one lives the easiest place for one to purchase military medals at a glance would be on Ebay as many sellers on there ship internationally but there are also other good vendors that specialize in military memorabilia such as Britannia Antiques who are based in the U.K. For the mil ( Full Answer )

Which websites have military vehicles for sale?

One can find military vehicles for sale on the internet and especially in the military car lot. There, they help the military community to buy and sell their vehicles.

How can military aircraft parts be purchased?

If you're looking for military aircraft parts, you can find them available for purchase on many different websites. Some sites that offer military aircraft parts are Military Aircraft Parts, DIMO Corporation, and Skylink.

Where can one purchase a military compass?

There are many companies and websites that offer military compass' for sale. Some of these companies and websites are Amazon, Galaxy Army Navy and Camping Survival.

Where can one purchase a military knife?

One can purchase a military knife in many different locations such as online examples are Swiss Army knife also Amazon sites. One could go to there local mall such stores as Sears and the Bay may carry Swiss Army Knives.

Where can one purchase military antiques?

The Stewart's Military Antiques website sells many antiques. They have over 40 years of experience and hold many different military antiques for the biggest collector or the newest.

Where can one purchase military shirts?

If one is interested in purchasing a military shirt(s) they can go to a local military store that sells this type of merchandise in their area. If that doesn't work one can always go to eBay or Amazon and purchase this type of item.