Are monkeys smaller then apes

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Yes, monkeys are smallers then apes.

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Q: Are monkeys smaller then apes
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What do monkeys and apes not have in common?

First of all, monkeys are considerably smaller than apes and gorillas.

What is the main difference between monkeys and apes?

Monkeys have tails and are much smaller than Apes.

Difference between a monkey brain and a apes brain?

monkeys have smaller brain than apes.

What are the difference between monkeys and apes? Generally, monkeys are smaller and have tails. Within apes are 13 species of Hylobatidae, and the great apes (Hominidae) which include orangutans, gorillas, chimpanzees, and humans.

What is the difference between monkeys and apes?

From what I've read, two of the main differances are that monkeys are generally considered intelligent, and unlike apes, they usually have tails. (according to wikipedia)- Monkeys have tails and apes do not.- Monkeys have slanted nasal openings.- Apes have rounded nasal openings.- Apes generally have bigger brains and larger bodies than monkeys.- Monkeys have web foot and apes do not have.- Monkeys are smaller in terms of size and apes are biggerThe distinction has more to do with taxonomy than macroscopic differences, which applies as general guides more than rules (they have been separated on these standards though, at the very beginning):- Apes are : Chimps, Gorillas, Orangutans and Gibbons.- Monkeys are all primates non-apes and non-prosimians (lemurs)Apes don't have tails and monkeys do. Also apes are much bigger and stronger

Are apes and monkeys alike?

Apes and Monkeys are alike.

Are chimpanzee's apes or monkeys?

chimpanzees are monkeys no, chimpanzees are apes and not monkeys

Where do apes and monkeys live?

The apes and monkeys live in trees.

How can you tell Orangutans are monkeys or apes?

monkeys have tails apes do not orangutangs are apes so they do not have tails

Can monkeys or apes run on two legs?

apes yes monkeys no

In the ape family a monkey that starts with i?

There are no monkeys in the ape family. Apes are apes and monkeys are monkeys.

What is the difference between an ape and a chimp?

An ape and a chimp, are in fact, the SAME thing. You see, a chimpanzee is a particular species of animal that fits in a CATEGORY. That category is "apes". There are "apes" and there are "monkeys". Monkeys are smaller and have tails, whereas, the great apes can be huge and they don't have tails. This means that gorillas are apes, chimpanzees are apes, bonobos are apes, and orangutans are apes too. And so are gibbons.

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