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This is a hard question to answer. There are certain situations in which a person can be introvert or extrovert. He or she may be introvert but it doesn't mean he or she can't be extrovert. Like me, I am bend to being introvert and I feel more comfortable when I'm with one and two persons around. I feel awkward when I am in a certain event and there are many persons around. Therefore, you might be correct when you tell me my level of introvertness is high.

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Q: Are more people introverts or extroverts?
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What are introverts and extroverts?

Introverts are shy people and extroverts are outgoing people.

According to psychologist Carl Jung What are introverts interested in?

Carl Jung categorized all people into two categories, extroverts and introverts. Extroverts are generally much more social and outgoing, where introverts generally keep much more to themselves and are calm and private.

What group is a more lively category Extroverts or Introverts?

Extroverts group is very confident, lively, and likes social situations unlike the introverts who like to talk more and tend to take action with less reflection, work better in groups.

Do only extroverts find love?

No. Introverts can find love too and let me tell you something, the passion and intensity can be even more than for extroverts...for a variety of reasons.

What is the type A and a type B personality?

type a extroverts and type two introverts

Which describes the work of Carl Jung?

He classified personalities in the categories of introverts and extroverts.

How can extroverts make introverts even quieter on purpose?

Ask them to tell you everything they know.

What are 5 differences between introverts and extroverts in sports?

A new study reveals just how differently extroverts and introverts process experiences, and may help explain why the former loves a good party, while the latter is happy to cozy up to a book and a cup of tea. Published June 13 in the journal Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, the study found that extroverts are more likely to associate the rush of the feel-good brain chemical dopamine with the environment they are in at the time. Research has already found that extroverts opt for instant gratification and focus more on the faces of others than introverts. On the flip side, introverts get overwhelmed by a lot of stimulation and pay more attention to the small details, which researchers say is connected to increased brain activity when processing visual information.

Are most people ambiverts?

This may be an easy question to ask, but it accually has a pretty complicated answer. It really matters what you think an ambivert is. Some people belive ambiverts are half extroverts and half introverts, while others say it is just any mixture of the two. Those whose opions state that ambiverts are half and half belive introverts are not always "full introverts", they are also part extrovert (most of their qualities are introvert though). And the same with extroverts. So, if you think ambiverts are half and half, then most people are not amiverts (most are extroverts then). But, if you belive ambiverts can be any mixture of interoversion and extroversion, then most of the population is ambiverts.

Can an introvert be cured?

When a person is an introvert, it means that they like to keep to themselves, this is NOT a disease that needs to be cured, it takes all kinds of people to make a world, some are introverts and some are extroverts nothing wrong with being either.

Do all societies regard an extrovert as normal and an introvert as lacking?

Considering that this is a extrovert controlled world; unfortunately, introverts generally are looked down on from what I've seen as most extroverts simply are not able to comprehend such differences. However, it is simply a misunderstanding as introverts have some very distinct advantages over a extrovert.

Do some extroverts see themselves as naturally superior to introverts?

A rare few, those who were actually introverts but became semi-extroverts through their work, remain introverts, but have developed a range of social abilities. Introverts don't change drastically, but this form of the IE is what happens when they do. Their confidence has also developed enough for some selective extroversion. IEs tend to be older, usually developing in early middle age or late adolescence. Experience has often dealt them some difficult cards, and frequently they've become a lot more advanced than people of their own age. The extroverted part of the IE is the truly experienced campaigner. There will have been many situations, many lessons learned, and the IE tends to be a good student. The studious side, particularly the practical learning, interestingly, is the promoter of the introversions which transform the extrovert into an IE.

Who are some famous people that are extroverts?


Do shy introverts like to go to parties and why?

often shy introverts get asked to go to parties and feel they have to attend, in some cases introverts do like parties and can relax and have fun at least by the end of it! But mostly introverts at parties are usually the quite ones standing in the corner keeping an eye on the clock and looking a little lost. Some introverts attend parties to see if they can almost force themselves to be extroverted or work well in an attractive situation like a party in which extroverts thrive, but this more often than not only reminds them of how introverted they really are! However I cannot stress enough how everyone is different and whether someone is introverted or not is not a 100% accurate way of guessing whether they'll enjoy a party.

What are qualities of introvert persons?

Introverted individuals have the same qualities and characteristics as extroverted people - they can be social or antisocial, shy or outgoing, strict or laid-back, etc. The main difference is that introverts have a stronger need for solitary time where they don't interact with people, while extroverts tend to have a stronger need for social time with other people.

What are people called who think a lot?


What is introvert in sport?

Introverts Introverts are types of people who are quiet and self centred not high in confidenc confidence and not looking to take the lead.

What is the difference between an introvert and shy?

Introverts prefer to be more socially reserved while people that are shy simply is self cautious about what people thinks of them if they was to speak.

How have social changes affected businesses?

diversity has come to mean much more than recruiting and keeping minority and female employees. diversity efforts now include seniors, disabled people, homosexuals, atheists, extroverts, introverts, married people, singles, and the devout. it also means dealing sensitively with workers and cultures around the world. providing social security benefits to senior citizens in the future will draw huge amounts of money from the working population.

Do introverts lack emotional intelligence?

No, it does not mean introverts lack emotional intelligence. Introverts can be extremely shy and they use to be called 'wallflowers' but introverts simply keep their emotional intelligence to themselves. Introverts can often miss out on the good things in life such as love; having good friends; socializing or being active in society.

How do you put inscrutable in a sentence?

Many people feel that introverts are too inscrutable.

Is manganese an extrovert or introvert?

Manganese is an element on the periodic table... a metal to be exact. "Introvert" and "extrovert" are terms that are used to differentiate people based upon their social behavior (or lack thereof). Introverts are usually more reserved, extroverts usually more expressive. Since manganese is not a person, and since manganese doesn't live in a society, it cannot possibly be either introverted or extroverted. These terms refer ONLY to human beings, not inanimate objects.

What is the difference between being introverted and extroverted?

Introverts are people who like to be alone or with small groups and talk about real things that matter to them or they are interested in, and find socializing tiring. Extroverts are people who like to talk to anyone any time about things that don't really matter or they don't know about just to talk and socialize and find it fun and energizing and relaxing even if nothing that matters was discussed or only small talk about nonsense.

What is the antonyms of introverts?


What actors and actresses appeared in Listen to the Introverts - 2013?

The cast of Listen to the Introverts - 2013 includes: Anne Swanson as Narrator