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Yes, most Spiders are harmless to humans. Only a few spiders are dangerous to humans.

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Are wood louse spiders poisnes?

all spiders are poisoness but most are harmless to humans

Are Huntsman spiders venomous?

All spiders are venomous to some degree. Most are harmless to humans.

Can spiders hurt cats?

Yes, since some spiders are poisionous. But most are harmless to pets ans people.

Are orchard spiders poisenes?

No, Orchard spiders are harmless.

Are grass spiders poisonous?

grass spiders are harmless to humans.

Spiders good or bad?

bad because spiders are not harmless

Are spiders harmless to humans?

some of them

Are all spiders dangrous to human beings?

No. Most spiders are completely harmless to people. Some can't even bite, and many which can won't, even if handled. Most spiders are highly un-aggressive.

Are wood spiders and brown recluse spiders the same?

No they are not. Brown recluse are some of the most poisonous spiders in the USA. Wood spiders, though can be considered close in appearance, are actually harmless (fright and allergic reactions aside).

What kind of spiders are in your house?

Mostly cellar spiders...which is closely related to the daddy long legs...these spiders are absolutly harmless

Are spiny spiders venomous?

No, they are generally harmless to humans.

What are some harmless spiders?

Daddy long legs spider

What are the natural predators of a brown recluse spider?

Cobweb spiders, and the Cellar spiders are the natural predators of the brown recluse spider, and there harmless. If you don't mind harmless spiders in your house and you have brown recluse spiders I would go find some of these and bring them in. If you cant stand spiders of any kind, call an exterminator. They have a powder that's made from crushed sea shells that will kill your infestation. All other insecticides are harmless to the brown recluse.

Is the cellar spider deadly?

Cellar spider is completely harmless even though it is one of the most poisonous spiders in the entire world..

Are all spiders posienes?

yes, but most of them are harmless to humans. like the tarantula, it is venomous but its bite is not fatal to humans, its about as bad as a bee sting.

Do cobweb spiders bite humans?

A cobweb refers to any old web from any type of spider-it is not spider specific, however the most dangerous spiders in US keep low to the ground so cobwebs being in high places were most likely formerly inhabited by spiders harmless to humans.

Are barn spiders venomous?

yes,but they are harmless to humans their bite will hurt though

Is a corn spider dangerous?

Corn Spiders or Argiope aurantia are harmless to humans.

Are all spiders poisonous?

To humans? No. In fact, most are not.'Poisonous' is a term usually understood to mean harmful or even deadly to humans. Most spiders simply aren't dangerous to people.All spiders have some kind of venom, in order to disable their prey.But most spiders have venom that is either medically harmless to humans, or they inject so little of it that they cannot be considered 'poisonous'.

Are spiders harmful?

NOAnswerdepending on the type of spider,some spiders are harmless but there are others that are AnswerAverage house spiders arn't harmful, such as money spiders. But there are many species of venemous spiders found in certain parts of the world ALL spiders are venemous, though many cannot harm you. Some spider bites can be fatal, though most all aren't if taken care of.

How long do Woof spiders live?

Wolf spiders, large but harmless organisms, live about 3 to 5 years. They like to come out at night.

What is a fuzzy black and white spider seen in Racine Wisconsin?

Jumping spiders, or bold jumping spiders, are black and white, fuzzy spiders that move with jerky movements. These spiders do not build webs, and their bite is harmless to humans.

Is a spiny orb weaver poiisonous?

No, Spiny Orb Weaver Spiders are harmless to humans.

How do you get rid of grand daddy long leg spiders?

Daddy long legs are completely harmless (they are one of the very few spiders that are not even poisonous!)

What is the most harmless monkey?

Well The baboon is technicaly the most harmless

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