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Yes. All states besides Nebreska are bicameral.

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Q: Are most state legislatures bicameral
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What are most state legislatures today?


What type of legislatures did most state?

bicameral legislatures mirroring the US Congress: a House and a Senate

Which characteristic of original state governments was most unlike that of British government?

legislatures were bicameral

Most states established what type of legislatures?


TWO house legislatures?


Bicameral legislatures only in India?

Many countries have bicameral legislatures, including the UK and the USA.

What type of legislatures did most states establised?

bicameral legislatures mirroring the US Congress: a House and a Senate

The newly independent states had constitutions that created what type of legislatures?

a. bicameral

What is the state that has only one lawmaking unit?

Nebraska is the only state that has a unicameral legislature. Most lawmaking bodies have two houses, or bicameral legislatures consisting of an upper and lower house.

Does Virginia have a bicameral government?

Yes. All of the State legislatures in the United States are bicameral (two houses) except for Nebraska. Nebraska has a "unicameral" single-house Legislature.

What Mexico and Brazil both have legislatures that are?


What are the names of the bicameral legislatures?

The House of Representatives, and the Senate.