Are mothers there to care for their children?

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Most mothers take care of their children. However many fathers are excellent care givers and sometimes other family members help too.

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2016-01-11 21:14:12
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Q: Are mothers there to care for their children?
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How do mothers take care of their children?

with love

Why do mothers get nice flowers?

Mothers deserve nice flowers because they take care of their children.

Why do some mothers hate their child?

Some mothers are unable to love their children. Fortunately is is the minority. Others love their children but realize they are unable to care for their children and give them up.

How did mothers care for children in1500?

Mothers cared for their children in a similar manner to the way mothering is performed nowadays, except that there was no public schooling, and no technology. Societies were largely agrarian.

What did mothers do in the 1950s?

Most mothers were stay at home mothers in the 1950s. They took care of their children. Some mothers had to work and did jobs such as factory work, waitressing, teaching and nursing.

When was Mothers Apart from Their Children created?

Mothers Apart from Their Children was created in 1979.

Are moms eavesdroppers?

Some mothers may snoop on their children because they love and care about them and it is their responsibility to know whether their children are heading for trouble or are in trouble. Most mothers have a type of 'Woman's intuition' meaning that they can feel if something is secretly going on with one or more of their children.

What special agency within the UN provides long-term humanitarian care to children and mothers in developing countries?


Why do mothers have children?

If the person is a mother, then she already has a child. The reason a mother would have more children is usually because she wants to have a certain amount of children, or if she is adopting, feels the need to take care of a child that the original parents couldn't take care of.

What is the name of that song that contain the lyrics mothers teach your children?

not sure about "mothers teach your children" but house of the rising sun says "mothers tell your children, not to do what i have done"

What do mothers do for children?

Mothers do two types of things for their children, the things necessary to keep them healthy and the things that will help them develop both mentally and physically. There is no rule book for how a mother should do these things and each mother tries to care for her children in her own individual way, to the best of her ability.

What did children of poor mothers in Ireland force their mothers to do?


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