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i think that mountains form when volcano reaches the surface of the water in an ocean because

they first make plates that pull and push and they push until they make a mountain and they never let go of pushing they just keep on going and going.

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Q: Are mountains formed when a volcano reaches the surface of the water in an ocean?
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Mountains formed by magma that reaches the Earths surface are?

Mountains formed by magma that reaches the Earth's surface are called volcanoes.

What type of mountains is the only one that is formed by adding new material to the earths surface?


Can volcanoes form because of an earthquake?

Not really. Earthquakes can and do occur when a volcano is forming, but the volcano is not a result of an earthquake. Volcanoes are formed when magma (molten rock) within the earth's crust reaches the surface.

What are mountains formed by magma that reach the Earth's surface?

Mountains formed by magma that reach the Earth's surface are called volcanic mountains or ridges.

Is volcano eruption one way mountains can be formed?


What causes volcanics mountains to form?

Volcanic mountains are formed when lava reaches the Earth's surface. The lava becomes viscous and cannot flow away readily. This then accumulates around the vent and as different layers pile up, a volcanic mountain is formed.

Which mountains are formed by the eruption of magma on earths surface?

Such mountains are called volcanoes.

Do volcanoes form on mountains?

Some mountains are volcanic. It would be more accurate to say, in such cases, that the volcano formed a mountain, than to say that it formed on a mountain.

What make mountains volcanoes?

Actually, the mountain is the volcano. If the entry point on the surface of the earth were not a volcano, the mountain would have been formed by tectonic plate movement or by another means. The height of the volcano -- rarely called a mountain -- is elevated by the accumulation of lava erupted through its mouth.

How is a dome mountain formed?

Dome mountains are created when hot molten material is pushed upward over the sedimentary rock layers, forming a dome shape. The magma does not reach the surface as with a volcano.

What kind of mountain is formed when molten rock rises to the surface and erupts?


What are formed when magma rises and penetrates the surface?

mountains and/or new land