Are mountains taller than clouds

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Q: Are mountains taller than clouds
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Why are the Rocky mountains taller than the Appalachian Mountains?

they are taller because the were formed after the appalachian mountains

Why are folded mountains taller than volcanic mountains?

It is that the mountains also are big by growing taller and taller for to be healthy the animals too for the beautiful mountains.

Why are the appalacian mountains warmer than the rocky mountains?

because the rocky mountains are taller.

What is the difference between cumulonimbus clouds and nimbo-cumulus clouds?

cumulonimbus is taller than the nimbocumulus

Why are people short compared with mountains?

Because mountains are taller than us

Are the Andes mountains taller that the Rocky Mountains?

The Andes mountains are taller.

Does the Piedmont have higher elevation than the Appalachian mountains?

no because the Appalachian mountains is taller than the Piedmont

Is mount Everest taller than the rockey mountains?

Yes, Mount Everest is taller than the Rocky Mountains, standing at 29.028ft or 8.848m high it is the highest mountain in the world.

Are the mountains in Switzerland taller than the mountains in Colorado?

Monte Rosa at 15,203 feet above sea level is the talllest in Switzerland and is taller than any Colorado Mountain.

What is the mountain range taller than the Andes in the world?

The Himalayan Mountains

Is Mauna Loa bigger than Mount Everest?

no, none of the mountains are taller than Mount Everest. None of the mountains are higher in elevation than Mt. Everest. Mauna Loa is in fact taller, from base to starts well below sea level. Measuring from sea level Mt Everest is taller, but measuring from the base of the mountains Mauna Loa is taller.

What are the highest mountains in the Europe?

The highest mountains in Europe are the Caucasus, located in eastern Europe. Six mountains in this range are taller than the highest mountain in the Alps.

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