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Yes, but it only needs to hang low enough to cover the upper half of the tire.

If the fender covers the upper half of the tire, then they're not needed at all.

The mud flaps (called a "splash apron" in the law) must also be at least as wide as the tire(s).

For all but the most lifted pickups, a very short mudflap is all that's needed to be legal.

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Are mud flaps required for trucks by law in Wisconsin?


Are mud flaps required for trucks by law in Pennsylvania?

Mud flaps have to be on medium and heavy duty trucks in Pennsylvania. This is the law and you can be fined if they aren't.

What is Texas Mud Flap Law?

are truck tractors required mud flaps

Are mud flaps required for trucks by law in North Dakota?


Are mud flaps required for trucks by law in Connecticut?


Are truck tractors required mud flaps?

are bob tailing truck tractors required mud flaps

Are mud flaps required for trucks by law in Virginia?

Only on commercial trucks.

Are mud flaps required on trucks in Colorado?

Mud flaps are required on trucks in Colorado. No vehicle or motor vehicle can be driven or moved on any street or highway unless it has splash guards or mud flaps on it.

Are mud flaps required for trucks by law in Nevada?

yes if it is on an 18 wheeler trailer or tractor

Is a pole trailer required to have mud flaps?


What are the laws regarding mud flaps on commercial vehicles in New York?

Mud flaps are required on commercial vehicles in all states.

Are mud flaps required for trucks by law in New York?

They are Required on all commercial Vehicles (ps if you have a truck and have the commercial plate, then its a commercial Vehicle)

Is there a federal DOT law for mud flaps for trucks?


Are mud flaps required by law in any state?

In Oregon they are Michigan requires Mudflaps (anti-splash devices) on commercial vehicles.

Mud Flaps?

form_title= Mud Flaps form_header= Add mud flaps to your truck. Do you want a design on your mud flaps?*= () Yes () No What color do you want the flaps?*= _ [50] What is the size of your tires?*= _ [50]

Do you have to have mud flaps on a tractor if you are hooked to a trailer?

That law tends to vary by state. In North Carolina, you're not actually required to have mud flaps. Other states may require it. I've never seen anything in the FMCSR pertaining to mud flaps, and it's unlikely that the feds mandate it, considering that states have leeway in determining whether or not they want to make them mandatory.

What type of vehicle are required to have mud flaps?

All trucks and trailers with four or more tires on the rear axel must have safety guards or mud flaps behind the rear wheel.

Are mud flaps required in Pennsylvania?

If the tires are not inside the wheel well opoenings then yes.

Different Types of Mud Flaps?

Also known as splash guards, mud flaps can be an important accessory to any SUV or truck. In fact, mud flaps are so important that they're actually a requirement for certain types of trucks; mud flaps are useful for protecting vehicles and pedestrians from flying mud or rocks churned up by the wheels of a vehicle. Before trying to choose the ideal mud flaps for a vehicle, it's vital to understand the different types of mud flaps available.Molded Plastic:Typically, molded plastic mud flaps are designed specifically for a certain type of vehicle. When ordering plastic mud flaps, the make and year the vehicle are often required. For those looking for subtle mud flaps, molded plastic is one of the best options.Rubber:Rubber mud flaps can be found in two forms, straight or rectangular, meaning that they're fit nearly all designs of vehicle, and contoured, in which case they may need to be fitted to a vehicle.Removable:Removable mud flaps are ideal for those who don't want to be driving around the mud flaps all of the time. These mud flaps simply attach the to the back of a vehicle's rear bumper and tow hitch. Although removable, they don't have to be taken off and come in one size fits all.Steel:For those looking for mud flaps more durable than plastic or rubber, steel mud flaps are available. When looking for steel mud flaps, it's important to find a design that doesn't rust.Aluminum Diamond Plate:This type of mud flap combines aluminum and heavy duty rubber to form a light mud flap that won't fly back. Due to the weight, bigger bolts may be required in order to install aluminum diamond plate mud flaps.Drill Free Mud Flaps:In most cases, mud flaps have to be drilled in when installed. However, drill free mud flaps are available that instead of needing to be drilled, are installed using a fastener to prevent possible damage to the vehicle.

What are the requirements on mud flaps?

They are required on commercially registered vehicles. The GVW or size of the vehicle on which they are required will probably vary from state to state.

Car Mud Flaps?

form_title= Car Mud Flaps form_header= Get some mud on your tires with mud flaps. How tall is your vehicle?*= _ [50] What type of driving do you do with your vehicle?*= _ [50] How often do you travel on back roads?*= _ [50]

When mud flaps are required on a vehicle they must come within how many inches of the surface?

8 inches

Are Mud flaps required on City streets?

No. The reason is that the ergonomic design of city does not require mud to fly behind. The clearnace is also low. Hence the answer 'NO'

Where can you get trucker girl mud flaps?

try looking on, they have mud flaps with stainless weights and you can get them with the trucker girl

What is the difference between splash guards and mud flaps?

Splash cards are not as big as mud flaps and wont protect as well.