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Q: Are nasal packs always used for a nose job?
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Can Mupirocin Ointment be used on a sore in your nose?

Yes there is even a Bactroban Nasal ointment, which is designed to be used inside the nose.

What is the nose canal called?

The most common identifier used by the American Medical Association is: Nasal Canula by far the most used. Canula Nasal Passages

What is the purpose of nasal strips?

According to information that is available on the internet nasal strips can be used to help a persons breathing. By placing nasal strips on the nose it is said to relive congestion in the nasal passages caused by colds.

What is the purpose of nasal irrigation?

Nasal irrigation is used to clear infected sinuses or may be performed after surgery to the nose region. It may be performed by adding antibiotics to the solution to treat nasal polyps, nasal septal deviation, allergic nasal inflammation.

How can you unclog your nose after snorting cocaine?

Try using a nasal spray available at the pharmacy or walmart, not the kind for stuffy noses but the saline solution nasal spray used for dry nasal membranes. Of course , if you snort enough to deteriorate your nasal membranes completely, you'll have nose bleeds only surgery can fix.All the pain of a rhinoplasty, and the nasal packing, but no improvement in your looks.

How do the boogers form?

the nose contains mucus that is used to wash off bacteria caught by the nasal hairs in the nose so boogers form through this process

How does the anatomy and fuction of the nasal cavity relate?

They don't really are related because it says "what is the function of the nasal cavity and these differ", the nasal cavity is used for us to breathe through the two openings on our nose called the "nostrils".

What side effects can nasal decongestants have?

People can become dependent on nasal sprays and nose drops. If used for a long time, users may suffer withdrawal symptoms when these products are discontinued.

Can fluocinolone acetonide emollient cream be used for nose sores?

I was prescribed it for sores inside my nasal cavities, so I hope so!

Does nasal snuff cause nose bleed if over used?

I, myself, am a heavy nasal snuffer. The only time my nose has ever bled from it, is from wiping out the inside of my nostrils too much. Instead, as you get used to snuff, you just let it drip down the back of your throat and spit it out, or just swallow it. Avoid over-blowing your nose to reduce the chance of nose bleed. Gatta train those nostrils to be as tough as leather! lol

What is aspirator and how is it used?

A nasal aspirator is a bulb used to remove nasal secretions.

What is the purpose of a nasal cannula?

A nasal cannula is a devise used to deliver oxygen to a patient who needs respiratory help. The device consists of a tube with two prongs that are connected to the nostrils. Oxygen and air flow into these prongs into the nose.

Can allergies cause Nosebleeds?

Yes. Allergies, colds and sinus infections all can cause nosebleeds. These conditions can lead to a bloody nose as a result of swelling and irritation of the nasal cavities. Also, side effects of some medications used to treat allergies, particularly steroid nasal sprays can cause nosebleeds. If nasal decongestants are used frequently, this will cause excessive nasal dryness and can lead to nosebleeds.

Can sodium chloride be used for nasal flush?

Nasal flushing with sodium chloride is largely used.

Is cocaine illegal?

yeah yes it is illegal No, it is frequently used as an anaesthetic for nasal surgery. In addition to the numbing effect, it also constricts the blood vessels of the nose and prevents uncontrolled hemorrhaging. It is generally administered as a nasal lavage of cocaine hydrochloride.

What material is used to filter out the small pieces of dirt?

The fiber glass in air filters. The nasal hairs in your nose for breathing. The pool filters in pools, etc

Cost of nose lift operation in Philippines?

There are generally three types of "nose jobs" - nasal bridge augmentation and reduction, nasal tip augmentation and reduction, and alar plasty. Nasal bridge augmentation (popularly known among Filipinos as "nose lift") is the one usually requested by Asians, which entails changing the height the nose bridge. Aar plasty is a procedure wherein the base of the nose is altered or reduced to reveal a narrower nostrils. Finally, nasal tip augmentation and reduction enhances the tip of the nose. These procedures may be done singly or in combination to achieve more flattering results. Rhinoplasty is usually done on outpatient basis and can be performed under a general anesthetic or with local anesthetic, depending on patient or doctor preference. The surgeon may shape a small piece of the patient's own cartilage or bone to add to, strengthen, or increase the structure of the nose. However, here in the Philippines, the more commonly used material to augment the nasal bridge is the silicone L-shaped implants. Cost here in the Philippines: 25,000-50,000 pesos --depending on the type of anesthesia and procedures (nasal bridge augmentation, alar plasty, nasal tip, or combination)

What is afrin spray used for?

Afrin is a brand of nasal spray used to ease nasal congestion that is available

Why does my nose burn after I use nasal spray?

Do you use it a lot? Or have you used it for more then 3 days? If you have it's probably because the lining in your nose is irritated by the over use. I would suggest taking a break from it, even if you haven't over used it. Try Saline nasal spray, it should help. I would try 4-Way Saline nasal spray, expessially If you have been over using, it really helps for the over use of decongestant sprays. However, if you haven't been using it for more then 3 days or using it too often, I would ask your doctor, and either way, lay off the nasal spray, it may be really damaging your nose.

What is nasal intercourse called?

In regards to the question as to what nasal intercourse is called there are two answers. If a man is performing a sex act on a woman by sticking his nose into and around her pleasure area it is called an Australian nose job. It is called this because it is a nose job being performed down under. Also because when the man is done his face smells a lot like a shrimp on the Barbie. If it is a woman who is allowing her nasal cavity to be used to pleasure a man it is referred to a the funniest freaking thing to ever have been witnessed and for cryin' out loud get it on you tube.

What is the medical term meaning nose and mouth area?

The most common terms would be nasal and oral, but depending on the specific area, there are many terms that would be used.

What are the problems with using decongestants?

Decongestant nasal sprays and nose drops may cause a problem called rebound congestion if used repeatedly over several days.

Is nasal spray addictive?

Yes, nasal spray is addictive. I used it for nearly 3 years multiple times a day and it continued to only get worse. Eventually it didn't work at all, so i quit cold turkey. If you can stand not breathing through your nose for at least a week then i advise you to stop using it. If used more than a week everyday, you will need it just to breath through your nose. Trust me.

What is the function of the nostrils and nasal cavity?

The nostrils and nasal cavity are used for breathing and smelling.

What are nasal sprays good for?

Nasal sprays are used to treat a variety of health issues. The most common use is as a antihistamine to treat allergies. They can also be used as a decongestant to relive blocked nasal passages. Natural nasal sprays such as saline are used to moisturize dry or irritated nostrils.