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There were ninjas in Japan. There are still those that practice ninja arts in Japan and in other parts of the world. There is one way to learn, the way we taught for years. One-on-one, master-to-student.

Yes, there are those who practice ninjitsu and attempt to better the world. I am a practicing ninja. We are people just like you, not assassins or spies.

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Ninjas are real and they are found everywhere.

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Yes people dress up as ninja and assinate people really ninjas are real their weapens they just like assinans

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Yes they are, they wear white to blend into the white light surroundings. And those who disbelieve in them will be attcaked by these ninjas in the mall.

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There are 2 Ninjas and their real names are:(Boy) First Ninja: Mitchell McIntyre(Girl) Second Ninja: Fung Ying Man

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It began in the ghettos of Kobe, Japan, and yes, i do enjoy ninjas! There was no art of Ninjas ninjas didn't exist

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maybe in japan.i donno if there are ninjas there,though.(that would be so cool...)

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Yes, ninjas did wear blue clothes (called shozukus) but in Japanese plays at the time the people who went on set to put props on etc. wore black ( or similar dark colors) and some people thought the people who wore black were the ninjas.

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people become ninjas because they come from a generation of ninjas.

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Only Awesome Ninjas do!

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there so ninja that there ninjas.

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I know that females were ninjas, but it is impossible to know the percentage of ninjas were female.

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some ninjas are not peaceful. Ninjas are supposed to be peaceful. some ninjas are mean bye!

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Knights, because ninjas are not actually fighters. Ninjas that fight are myths. Ninjas only fight if they need to defend themselves.

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Ninjas are/were NOT considered to be cannibals. Ninjas were known to be stealthy and fast. Eating people is neither.

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NINJAS are better

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