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Q: Are omnivores a generalized species
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Omnivores are most likely to be?

generalized species

What are omnivores most likely to be?

A generalized species.

What Omnivores are most likely to be?

A generalized species.

Omnivores are most likely to be .?

generalized species

What is a generalized species?

A species that can survive in a variety of ecological niches.

Are piranhas omnivores?

Some, but not all, Piranhas are omnivores. There are different species of Piranhas. A couple of those different species are omnivores.

How many species omnivore are there?

There is about ... many species of omnivores?

Are squids omnivores?

It depends on the species but in general, yes squids are omnivores.

Are armadillos and crabs omnivores?

Armadillos are omnivores as are some crab species.

Are tortoises herbivores or omnivores?

Most tortoises are herbivores. A few species are omnivores.

Are there omnivores in the grasslands?

Yes, of course..Wild hog species are omnivores for example.

Are turtels omnivores?

It depends on the particular turtle species but nearly all turtles are omnivores.

Are foxes that live on Isle Royal omnivores?

Nearly all fox species are omnivores.

Are bluebirds and woodpeckers scavengers?

No, both species are omnivores.

Are small fish and squid and sharks omnivores?

Some species are , but in all truth they all fish not omnivores

Are whales carnivores herbivores or omnivores?

Different species are different, and there are types of whale which fall into each category.Whales are omnivores.

Are bears carnivores or herbivores or omnivores?

Depends on the species, for instance brown bears are omnivores but polar bears are carnivores.

Are all opossums omnivores?

Yes, all opossums (order Didelphimorphia opossums, that is) are omnivores. Some species may like one food better than another, and some species may eat food that others do not, but all opossums are omnivores. All species enjoy both fruits and insects.

Are hairy-nosed wombats omnivores?

No. All species of wombats are herbivores.

Is a lizarad a omnivores?

Yes and no, they eat insects and plants; but it depends on the species

Are squids omnivors?

It depends on the species but in general, yes squids are omnivores.

Why are generalized species considered to be more adaptable to changes in the environment?

because they can live anywhere Swagg

Can omnivores lay eggs?

It depends on the species. Some birds are omnivores (like emus) and they certainly lay eggs. However, some marsupials are omnivores, and marsupials do not lay eggs.

Is a cockroach an omnivore?

With the exception of one species that feeds solely on wood, most cockroaches are omnivores.

Are angelfish herbivores carnivores or omnivores?

They are omnivores. I have seen them eat live brine shrimp and herbivore flake food. There are 86 different species of Marine Angelfish and 3 species of Freshwater Angelfish. While most Angelfish species are omnivorous; some Angelfish species are completely herbivorous (algae eaters), and some are completely carnivorous (zooplankton eaters). Most angelfish are omnivores. yes