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Countries that use Celsius use it in their ovens.

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In the US, most ovens use Fahrenheit temperature gauges. Countries that use Celsius would use that in their ovens.

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Q: Are oven temperature Celsius
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What is broil as in the oven temperature in Celsius degrees?

The temperature for broiling in an oven is 260 degrees Celsius or 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Medium heat is about 177 degrees Celsius or 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

Cooking oven 150 Celsius equals what temperature?

150 degrees Celsius is 302 degrees Fahrenheit.

High oven temperature equals what degrees Fahrenheit?

High oven is approx. 230 Celsius, which is 446 Fahrenheit

What oven temperature equals 100 degrees celsius?

212 degrees F

What oven temperature is used to bake cheese bread?

200 degrees Celsius.

What is the average oven temperature for baking bread in celsius?

I use 350 F, that would be about 175 degrees Celsius.

What is 350F in oven setting mean?

177 degrees Celsius

How would you put 375 degrees Fahrenheit on a Celsius oven?

Set the Celsius temperature to 190.5 to equal 375 degrees Fahrenheit.

My oven just goes from 0 to 250 but it doesn't say if it's in Fahrenheit or Celsius. How do I tell which it is?

If the temperature only has measurements or settings to 250, it has to be Celsius.

What is the average temperature of a hot oven?

the temperature of a hot oven is 218-233 Celsius200 degrees CelsiusA domestic oven generally operates up to about 230 degrees Centigrade (450 F).Depends on what you set it at

How do you convert 171 Fahrenheit to kelvins?

Suppose that a recipe calls for an oven temperature of 171. Convert this temperature to degrees Celsius and to kelvins.

A recipe calls for an oven temperature of 400 degrees Fahrenheit The cook set the oven for 220 degrees Celsius By how many degrees Fahrenheit was the temperature off?

220* C = 428* F. It was off by 28*