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oxygen atoms ARE oxygen atoms...

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Q: Are oxygen atoms different to oxygen atoms?
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Is hydrogen atoms different from oxygen atoms?

Yes, hydrogen atoms and oxygen atoms are very different.

Are hydrogen atoms different to oxygen atoms?


How many different kinds of atoms are in oxygen gas?

No different ones, just Oxygen atoms.

Why do oxygen atoms look so different from hydrogen atoms?

because there different atoms and elements

Do oxygen atoms have different characteristics?


Are hydrogen atoms diifferent to oxygen atoms?

yes. they are different

In what way are atoms of oxygen most different from and atoms of nitrogen?

They have way different masses!!

Why is oxygen gas an element not a compound?

In oxygen there's only oxygen atoms, in a compound there are several different kinds of atoms.

How is oxygen in the ozone layer different from other layers in atmosphere?

Ozone is triatomic oxygen. (It has three oxygen atoms). 'Normal' oxygen is diatomic. (It has two oxygen atoms)

How many atoms of oxygen are in one molecule?

There are two different types of Oxygen molecule O2 and O3 (also called Ozone). O2 has two atoms of Oxygen and O3 has 3 atoms of Oxygen.

Why do oxygen gas and ozone have different properties?

Because of different structure and bonds between oxygen atoms

The number of different kinds of atoms in starch is?

There are 3 different kinds of atoms in starch: carbon, hydrogen and oxygen.

Are nitrogen and oxygen made of different atoms?

They are themselves specific elements and have their specific atoms.

How is an ozone molecule and an oxygen molecule different?

Oxygen atoms attach together to form different molecules. When 2 oxygen atoms bond, that is an oxygen molecule found in the air we breathe. When 3 join together, that is ozone.

Is carbon and oxygen the same?

No. They are two different atoms with different amounts of electrons

How many different atoms are in O2?

The diatomic molecule of oxygen contain only two oxygen atoms.

Name two different atoms of elements?

oxygen and nitrogen

What are the names of the different atoms in limestone?

calcium carbon and oxygen

What are the different types of atoms in a container of oxygen gas?


Are oxygen and ozone are isotopes if not what are they?

No, they are different forms of the same element, so they are allotropes. Oxygen contains two atoms per molecule and ozone contains three atoms per molecule. Isotopes are atoms of the same element with different numbers of neutrons, such as oxygen-16 and oxygen-17.

How is oxyen diffenet form ozone?

Oxygen is different in the number of atoms from ozone. Oxygen contains 2 atoms while ozone has 3.

How is the ozone oxygen different from normal oxygen?

The ozone molecule has three oxygen atoms ( O ) ( / \ ) ( O - O ) The normal oxygen which I presume the type of oxygen that we breath is composed of two oxygen atoms ( O ) ( | ) ( O )

Oxygen molecules are made of 2 oxygen atoms that are bound together. Ozone molecules which are very different from oxygen molecules are made of 3 oxygen atoms that are bound together.?

Yep. That is true.

Oxygen and carbon are defined as different elements because they have atoms with a different?

number of protons

Why is water and hydrogen peroxide different even though they are made of the same types of atoms?

hydrogen has two hydrogen atoms and two oxygen atoms and water has one hydrogen and one oxygen atoms