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If you are asking if pajamas are warm when you sleep in them sometimes it is many different answers. They could be made out of many different materials so it depends. You could have silky, fleece, cotton, short pjs, night gowns like dresses, or you don't even have to wear pajamas. If you want to stay cool... don't wear the warm fleecey or fuzzy long sleeved and longed pants pajamas. That's my advice! Sweet Dreams!!!! zzzzzzz! ;)

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Where do worm sleep?

Worms sleep in the soil.

Does worm sleep?

I have no clue,

What should a twelve year old wear to sleep?

Wear pajamas to sleep. Most people do.

Do pancakes sleep?

Only if you use Bananas in Pajamas as the topping.

Why did the vampire sleep walk in his pajamas?

he didn't have a bat robe

What should a kid wear to sleep?

clean underwear, clean pajamas, and no socks

What is a pint worm?

A white worm that lives in your body that makes your butt itch when taking shower or going to sleep.

Why do I take off my pajamas in my sleep?

if you are too warm at night you take your pyjamas off

Do leeches sleep?

Yes any insect, animal, mollusk, and worm sleeps

Why do rabbits hibernate?

in the winter it gets to cold and the have to go to sleep and they have to stay worm

What do you need to sleep over?

Pajamas, pillow, blanket, change of clothes, toothbrush, deodorant and a happy disposition.

What do they call pajamas in England?

Pyjamas or PJ's and sometimes we even call them top and bottoms.

Why aren't pajamas allowed in school?

Because it shows laziness and make the principal think you are not here for learning but to sleep .

Is it ok to sleep naked?

How could it not be OK ? Pajamas or T shirt and shorts or whatever is for personal modesty or social reasons. Sleeping naked is the most comfortable way to sleep.

Should I sleep shirtless?

Not everyone wears pajamas or a nightie. Some people sleep naked or only wear knickers or underpants. Therefore, what you wear in bed is entirely up to you.

What are some snow day superstitions?

-Sleep with a spoon under your pillow -Sleep with pajamas inside out and/or backwards -Dance with a penny -Flush 3 ice cubes down the toilet -Do a snow dance outside in your backwards pajamas -Don't expect one and it may come! - Yell "Snow Day!" in your freezer

How to select the perfect women’s pajamas?

Women often have a difficult time finding the perfect set of pajamas. Many women just give up and do not buy pajamas or use their same pajamas year after year until they are too worn out to wear. By following these easy steps and using these tips, you can select the perfect women’s pajamas. The first thing you must do is to think about your body temperature. Women often buy pajamas that make them too hot or too cold at night. If you are a hot-natured person, then long sleeved pajamas with pants are not the best choice. If you are cold-natured, then pajamas with a tank top might not be the best selection. Decide the perfect combination of pajamas that you are looking for. For example, you might sleep best with pants and a short sleeved top. Some may sleep best in a nightgown instead of two pieces. Once you know the combination of top and bottom for your pajamas, then you must think about the fabric. The fabric of your pajamas can have a great effect on your ability to sleep well. Fleece might make you sweat or silky pajamas might make you too cold at night. Many women choose to go with a lightweight cotton fabric when selecting the perfect pajamas. The third thing to do when selecting the perfect women’s pajamas is to get in the stores! It is easier to shop for pajamas when you have steps one and two completed and in your head. You can shop in stores that specialize in nightwear. Department stores also have a large variety of sleepwear in which to choose. Many women prefer to shop in stores where they purchase their clothing because they enjoy the styles. Some women do not enjoy trying on sleepwear, but it is best in order to select the right size and style. Try on several different types and imagine how those will feel once you wash them and head to bed. By following these easy steps, women can find the perfect pajamas. They will be so happy to finally have the right style and fabric at night in order to ensure a great night sleep. The perfect set of women’s pajamas or nightgown can lead to the perfect night of sleep!

Is sleeping in pajamas too childish for 11 year olds?

no way!!!!! I am 'of mature years' - I sleep in pyjamas in Winter, naked in Summer.

What are prison pajamas?

Prison pajamas are pajamas you wear in prison. (striped clothes)

How do you use doff in a sentence?

Last night i doffed my clothes to take a shower. or To go to sleep i must doff my clothes and put on my pajamas.

Do turtles sleep in their shell?

Turtles do NOT sleep in their shells as their head sticks out when they are asleep. I have a pet tortoise myself, They are lovely to have as pets!Yes ,to protect their selves from predators and keep worm.

What kinds of pajamas and sleepwear are sold by Calvin Klein?

Pyjamas and sleepwear sold by Calvin Klein are for men, women and children. They sell sleep pants, sleep shirts, night dresses, camisoles, chemises and robes.

Can you sleep with your girlfriend if she has ringworm?

Yes. This however lends itself to another question. *Should* you sleep with your girlfriend who has ringworm? I'll let you decide. Just remember to not have skin to skin contact with the lesion and wear some pajamas.

What is the British English word for pajamas?

pajamas = pyjamas

What kind of pajamas does Superman wear?

Superman wears Chuck Norris pajamas. He wears Jack Bauer pajamas!