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I have a bit of a newsflash for you.

Parakeets are parrots. The term "parakeet" is used to describe a medium-sized parrot.

Parakeets are smaller, are cheaper to feed, are easier to maintain and need a smaller cage. Parrots are usually better talkers and live longer and need more attention but need more space. The better bird depends on what characteristics you want.

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Q: Are parakeets better house pets than parrots?
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Do Australian Parakeets make good pets?

Most parrots make good pets. Parakeets and lovebirds, and conures are all just smaller members of the parrot family.

Do Mexicans eat pets?

No. It is as gross to them as it surely is to you. Cats, dogs, parakeets or parrots are taboo as a food to Mexicans.

Is a parrot and a parakeet alike?

They are alike in some ways, yes. They also differ in quite a few ways. Parakeets are much smaller than parrots are. Parrots have a much better vocabulary. They can do more tricks, sound effects, and speak more. Parakeets do talk a little bit. Either way they both make great pets and will live for around seventy years.

Do parrots do chores for people?

No. Parrots are house pets and are not able to do tasks around the house. They might be able to mimic the sound of the voices in the house, but they are not able to be helpful in physical tasks.

Are parakeets good pets?

Parakeets are good first time pets but if you don't like loud noise parakeets are not the pet for you.

Who were parrots discovered by?

who were parrots descovered as pets by

What are common pets in Mexico?

Dogs and cats, followed by birds such as parakeets, canaries and parrots. More exotic animals can be found but are not as common, such as iguanas, other reptiles and fish.

What animals do Mexicans rely on?

You mean as pets? Those would be cats and dogs. Also small and medium-sized birds such as parakeets (Melopsittacus undulatus) or parrots would qualify as such.

Why Did Pirates Have Parrots As Pets?

There were parrots, but they weren't pets. They were "investments" and were used to sell when they needed extra cash.

Are finches some kind of parakeet?

No. Finches and parakeets are both commonly kept as pets, but they are not closely related. There are many different species of finch and parakeet, but they are not the same thing. Finches are of the taxonomic order Passeriformes (perching birds) and parakeets are of the taxonomic order Psittaciformes (parrots).

Why are parakeets good pets?

they are good pets because u can have fun with them!

Name some bird pets?

Cockatiels, parakeets, love birds, finches, canaries, doves, cockatoos, chickens,pidgeons, peacocks, parrots, falcons, emus, ostriches.....I am not really sure if some of these are truly pets or livestock really but they are commonly domesticated.

What pets did pirates have?

birds (parrots)

What are some pets in colombia?


Did pirates have pets?

yes, they had pets sugh as birds(parrots) and dogs.

Do people keep parrots as pets?


How buch does a budgie cost at pj's pets?

baby parakeets are 15$ each and adult parakeets are 20$ each

Why is catz better pets?

becausecats are house trained

Is a parrot endangered?

There are hundreds of different species of parrots...everyday domestic parrots (pets) are not endangeredSome parrot spieces are, but parrots in general are not.

Are parrots harmful?

no parrrots arnt in fact they are pets!

What is the percentage of Americans who own parrots as pets?

it is 10%

Do parakeets live in the rain forest?

Parakeets come from Australia. Some have escaped as pets over the years and live in North America.

What pets live a long time?

parrots or other birds

What kinds of birds are pets?


What pets are good for children 10-11?

I think the best low maintenance pet is a pair of gerbils. I am eleven and I take care of my gerbils all by my self. Other good pets include guinea pigs, rats, leopard geckos, parrots, and parakeets. Bad pets would be mice, tarantulas, bugs, cats, snakes, iguanas, and box turtles.