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No. The pear laptops, "PearPods" and other "Pear brand" items are featured most notably on the Nickelodeon show "iCarly." They are a play on the computer company "Apple."

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Does the pear pad exist?

yes the pear pad does exist not just on icarly or victories but there is a hole company of pear pads, ipear, pear phone and so on and one last thing pear laptops.

Are the pear phones and pear pads real?


Are laptops real?

Laptops are in fact real. Check out, or There, you can take a look at and buy some REAL laptops.

Are pear pads and pear phones real?

well i don`t know if they are real?

Are pear phones real or not?

The pear phones are not real nor are the pear computers. Really what they are is the apple Iphone and the Apple Macbook Pro

Are pear flavored jelly beans made with real pears?

they are made with real pear puree

Can pear pads work?

no, pear pads are not real they are assumed to be real on icaly and victorious and other shows and no, scince they are not real they can not work!

Are pear computers real?

No, television is not allowed to advertise products, So instead of the Apple products they used a Pear products (f.y.i pear products are NOT real!)

Is pear phones real?


Are pear phone real?


How do the get a real ripe pear in a bottle of pear brandy?

The bottle is attached to a branch and the pear grows inside the bottle.

Is pear on annoying orange real?

Pear on annoying orange isn't real, it's only a pear but with fake eyes and mouth including a voice-over from a person on YouTube.

Where do you get pear pods?

there is such thing as a pear pod in case you didn't no that You should check out pear and read it and.. so there real!

Are pear latop real?


Are pear phones on victorious real?


Are pear phones and iPhone from the same company?

There is no such thing as a pear phone in real life.

How much are for pear phones?

Pear phones arent real, it's a parody of the iphone.

Are pear pads phones etc real or not?

yes they are real

What phone does iCarly have?

the pear phone.Its not real

Is the pear phone real?

i have heard no its not but there is a pear company im not shure if its a real company. i was there but there is no buy it now or bid . the pear laptop is an apple laptop with a pear logo over it. the pear pad is only an iPad with a pear sticker over it. the pear products as of June 2011 in victorius and icarly only have sound affects and the icons are stickers. before each scene they put the icons on. i hope this helps

How can you get a pear phone?

You can't get a pear phone because they are not real and are only used in Dan Schneider shows. Pear phones are parodies of apple iPhones.

Are Pear Labtops real?

well no but if apple did create it it would be a wonderfull computer. and.... in icarly instead of an iphone they have a pear phone, a black pear labtop with the pear in red and a silver with the pear in blue which is really cool. so yeah

In many liquor stores you can buy pear brandy with a real pear inside the bottle the pear is whole and ripe and the bottle is genuine it hasnt been cut in anyway how did the pear get inside the bottle?

The bottle is blown around the pear.

Is a pear pod real?

it's not real. it's a spoof of the apple company.

Is a pear phone real yes or no?

Yes, if you really believe, the world of nickelodeon will be real

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