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Not really considering people are made of water.

What is a solid?

A solid has a definite shape and definite volume. Its particles arebarely moving. There are two types of solids crystalline andamorphous. A crystalline solid are made of crystals and have aspecific molocule pattern. An amorphous solid, such as rubber,doesn't have a specific molecule pattern.

What is solid?

A substance with a definite volume, and a definite shape. Changing the shape takes work or force.

What are solids?

A solid is a hard thing like wood. Wood is a solid because it can not be squashed but it has a set shape and a set volume. Mainly it can not be poured.

Is solid methane molecular solid?

Yes it is and it has more specificaly a simple molecular structure when it is a solid (about-180 deg C).

Characteristics of solid?

The characteristics of a solid are incompressibility, rigidity andmechanical strength. The molecules, atoms or ions in solids areclosely packed.

Solid solid solution?

Solid solution is mixture of two crystalline solids. The mixing isdone by combining two solids after melting them into liquids andthen cooling the result to form a new solid. Examples suchsolutions include steel (a combination of carbon and iron), andbronze, which is combination of copper and tin.

What is solid-in-solid solution complex?

A solid solution is formed when two crystalline solids combine toform a crystal lattice. One example of a solid solution is copperand zinc mixing to create brass.

How do you separate a solid from a solid?

It depends on which solids and what the properties are. If it is sulfur and iron, use a magnet. If it is the pretzels from chex mix, use your hands! or your mouth aha (:

Solid to solid?

solid is also a liquid but can be frozen to be turnt in to a solid.

Is a cube a solid Or is a square a solid?

both are solid. Cube is 3D while square is 2D. cube is used to describe solid shape in 3D while square is used to describe the shape of the surface which is only 2D

Why is a solid a solid?

a solid is something that takes up a fixed amount of space (takes up space e.g. a table or a chair) and has no air in it

What happen when solid are mixed with solid?

If a solid is mixed with another solid, they can sometimes beseparated. It depends on whether their particles are the same sizeand whether one or both are dissolve in liquids.

How many people do you need to form a solid equalateral triangle then go into a square?

If these people are relatively equal in height, lying down and viewed from above, then the following may be your answer:. The least number of people you can use to create an equalateral triangle, is THREE.. The least number of people you can use to create a square, is FOUR.. Therefore, you will n ( Full Answer )

Water is the only substance on earth that can exist as a liquid a gas or a solid under natural conditions Explain how water changes form form a solid to a liquid and then to a gas without people?

Ice can be found anywhere from the Arctic to lake Tahoe in California/Nevada during winter. Once spring comes, the ice melts in the heat of the sun and travels south in a river or stream. By the time it is summer the water has traveled very far and it is hot enough for the water to evaporate into a ( Full Answer )

What part of a solid is really solid?

to my understanding, even the most solid table is actually 99% air.....its only the molecules that are considered solid, but there are tons of 'space' between them, though impossible to 'see' with the eye. the space between them is in the molecule itself, electrons and protons and atoms dont actuall ( Full Answer )

How do you separated solids from solids?

Like iron and sulphur. when you mix them together and you can take the iron out by using a magnet. But if you heat them both together, it will be a new substance; iron-sulphur, which you cannot take iron out by a magnet

How does a solid change from a solid to a gas?

The process is called "Sublimation". Whether a solid changes directly to a gas, or first to a liquid, then to a gas, depends on the pressure. For example, carbon dioxide will sublimate at room temperature; but at pressures above 5.2 atmospheres, it will change from solid to liquid and then from liqu ( Full Answer )

What is meant by solid solid solution?

A homogeneous mixture of two solids, like a metal alloy, or (possibly) two different atomized solids as powders mixed together (although that would probably still only qualify them as mixtures rather than a solution).

Although Sound velocity is maximum in solid then why two people in two sides of the wall are not able to hear each other?

Although sound does travel faster through solid media than gaseous, many walls are filled with materials or structures designed to absorb sound energy instead of transmitting it.. In addition to this, sound gives up some energy as heat whenever it travels from one medium to another, so going from t ( Full Answer )

Who is solid from metal gear solid?

The main character. His full codename is Solid Snake. His real name is David, son of jack(Naked Snake) and in MGS4 he is Old Snake

What is an example of a solid in a solid?

An example of a solid in a solid is, well there are many. One is a person inside a box, or a bookmark inside a book. There are plenty more! Hope this helped!!

How do you dissolve a solid in a solid?

Typically, it goes like this: Solute + Solvent = Solution But a liquid can also dissolve in liquid; gas in liquid; gas in solid and finally solid in solid. Solid solutions are common in metal compounds. Two compounds/element with suitable crystal lattice structures maybe melted and mixed i ( Full Answer )

How can you separate a mixture of solid from solid?

Lets say you have mixture of sand and salt. Put your mixture on a filter paper and by using a strong magnet you should be able to separate sand from salt. Using a magnet is a powerful way to separate out one solid from another in a mixture.

A solid dissolved in a solid?

Sterling silver is copper dissolved in silver, steel is carbon dissolved in iron, bronze is copper dissolved in tin.

In science is a model ever good enough for example when a solid is heated it vibrates if you were in class and 10 people were demonstrating that and they vibrated is it good enough?

Not really, usually the model is lab tested on vibrating structures. There are many ways in which to test structures however it is usually carried out using a "specimin" of the material in which the model is being constructed. Then using structure analysis and a bit of maffs :) you can calculate the ( Full Answer )

Can a solid melt into a solid?

This cannot happen literally or chemically but an explanation similar to the question is given below. A solid can melt into a solid but this can happen only when we are making alloys. Suppose we are making the alloy bronze ( Cu + Sn). Then these metals are melted and mixed in different proportions. ( Full Answer )

Is rain a solid?

No. Rain is a liquid, a solid is hard and sturdy like chairs, desks,computers, etc.

Why solid is solid?

"Solid" is just a technical term from atoms being sufficiently close packed that they're overall structure is maintained.

Can a solid dissolve in another solid?

Two solids can't dissolve each other, but if you melt them down you can combine them to form something new; if you did that with metals you would be making an alloy ex: tin+copper=bronze

Can a solid dissolve another solid?

Well it deppend on which Solids you are talking about and your answer would be... NO YOU IDIOT ASK BLOODY ENSTIEN OR SUPERMAN THAT IS THE MOST DUMMEST QUESTION! (IDIOT) Your Welcome NOW THANK ME LOONATIC

How do you steal cloths from people mainly raikov in Metal Gear Solid 3?

Clothes aren't stolen from people in MGS3 they are found throughout the game. Although the Raikov thing is the exception. Use the scientist disguise to hide from the guards. Raikov is in the bathroom. Get him out of there and into the locker rooms upstairs. Once he's the Knock him out or kill him. S ( Full Answer )

How come some fat people are flubby while others are more solid?

Because some people eat foods like chips and hamburgers which are harder substances and would fill your body and make it more solid and other people eat more foods like cupcakes and jelly which would be more movable inside your body and make you look more flubby.

How is a solid a solid?

a solid is a solid because the molecules that are in the object are closely compact with each other. they do not move but the do vibrate.

Why are people who have a solid background in math disadvantaged for physics and chemistry?

Physicists think differently than mathematicians. Mathematiciansvalue pure logical consistency which follows from fundamentalaxioms and applications of pure reason. Physicists are scientistswho want to build a theory that will predict nature. Physicistsfind that mathematics helps them do so, and so ( Full Answer )

Why are solids solid?

solids have definite volume and shape. They are solids due to many factors including chemical compositions, the temperature in which they can stay solid, etc.

Why does a solid does not diffuse into another solid?

Diffusion occurs but at extremely slow rate. As the rate of diffusion depends on molecular motion, which is of lowest extent i.e. Vibratory motion. Therefore, rate of diffusion is very slow.

Is oil and water a solid and solid?

No. Oils in general are liquid at room temperature (orif not, close to it's melting point). Water is a liquid at room temperature. So itis more likely a liquid and liquid.