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i don't think they are. because if there were people going to different planets then wouldn't it be a huge thing around the globe, like the oil spill fro an example. and wat planet in our solar system is livable/breathable. possibly in the way back future, but today its a no for sure.

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Could people live on other planets?

no people can not live on other planets.

Is their other planets that have life on them?

NO- People have found water on other planets but there is no life there.

What was the purpose of going to Mercury?

people went to mercury to find information about other planets than just mars

Are we going to live on other planets or on the Moon soon?


What will the people do with Pluto?

there going to take it out of our planets list

Why do people want to explore other planets?

they want to see why other planets are differant from earth and want to learn and study other planets!

Are there people on other planets?

No- not as we know them anyway. As far as we know there is not people living on other planets although we have not seen them all.

How do you prove theirs life on other planets?

Short of going to other planets it cannot be proven, unless of course, they come here.

Why don't planets bump into each other?

because the gravatational pull from the sun and other planets keep the planets going in a circler motion and not bumping into each other.Answerbecause the gravatational pull from the sun and other planets keep the planets going in a circler motion and not bumping into each other. the planets each have defined Elliptical, not circular, orbits that remain constant because of gravitational pull of the sun and from each other. Pluto does have such an elliptical orbit that for a time it was closer than Neptune, but they will never collide with their current paths.

When completed what is the future use for the International Space Station?

When it is completed, it will transport and help people get to planets for example if a probe is going to mars its going to stop and prepare for the trip and other stuff.

How people know that there are other planets?

Because we can see the nearest planets through telescopes and for those much further away we can detect them by their effect on other planets and stars.

Are there planets going around other stars?

Yes, exoplanets have been discovered.

What other planets can people live in?

None that we know of.

Is there people in other planet?

people r 97 percent sure that there r no lives on other planets but there is only 3 percent chance that there r, but if u think, there r no water on other planets, earth is the only planet that has water, so how can other people survive on other planets if there r no water, people need water to survive, just think about it! :)

What can people do to decrease erosion of the earths surface?

The inner planets are different from the other planets mainly because

How do people decide to explore planets using people?

People have only been to the moon. However, we can still see other planets using telescopes, satellites and probes.

Is there other planets that people can live in it like the earth?

Not in our own solar system. There may be such planets elsewhere in the universe.

About how many people are in the whole universe?

There are about six billion people on Earth. We have no information as to the population of any other planets, or whether the hypothetical people on those hypothetical planets would qualify as "people".

Are UFOs from other planets visiting Earth?

Some people believe that spaceships from other planets have visited Earth, but no one has ever been able to prove it.

Are there people living other plantes?

no their are not people living on other planets because where would they get the oxygen to breath or food and drink

Do hindism people believe there is life on other planets?

yes some

how many planets could people live on?

EARTH,๐Ÿง๐Ÿง but in future it may possible to live on other planet

Why are there 8 planets but nobody lives there?

People live on Earth, but the other 7 major planets are uninhabited as far as we know. Lack of liquid water and lack of protection from radiation are factors for those other planets.

Are the planets going to collide with each other in 2012?

no thell just inline with the milky way and the sun

Is there more planets were people can live?

It is possible, even likely, that there are other planets that could support life. We have yet to find any.