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Are pet abandoners careless?

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yes and mean and stupid

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How did the snakehead fish arrive in the US?

it was probably realesed into a local pond by a careless pet owner

What is the German word for careless?

careless = fahrlässig (legal) careless = unachtsam careless = leichtfertig careless = unbedacht careless = unbesonnen careless = leichtsinnig careless = nachlässig

What are the comparative and superlative of careless?

more careless, most careless

What is the superlative and comparative of the word careless?

most careless, more careless

What is the correct grammar for the following sentence careless as he was he failed the test?

The correct grammar can be written as such: * He was careless; thus, he failed the test. * He failed the test because he was careless. * Because he was careless, he failed the test. * Since he was careless, he failed the test. * He failed the test since he was careless. * He failed the test, for he was careless. * He was careless. He failed the test. * He failed the test. He was careless.

What is a superlative of careless?

most careless

What is the root of the word 'careless'?


What is the Hawaiian word for careless?

careless = palaka

What is superlative form of careless?

most careless

What is a good sentence for the word careless?

why are you so careless

What movie has careless whisper soundtrack?

careless whisper

Comparative and superlative to the word careless?

more careless

Is careless a noun?

No, the word 'careless' is an adjective, a word that describes a noun; a careless comment, a carelessdriver, etc.The noun form for the adjective careless is carelessness.

What is the noun of CARELESS?

The noun form of the adjective 'careless' is carelessness.

A sentence for the word careless?

he preforms his act in a careless manner

What movie is careless whisper in?

what kind of car is in careless whisper

Is careless an adverb?

No, careless is an adjective. The adverb form is carelessly.

When did Betty Careless die?

Betty Careless died in 1739.

How do you use the word careless in a sentence?

"Careless talk costs lives" was a campaign run by Britain in World War 2.He was a careless driver.Because of his careless behaviour, the nuclear power plant had a meltdown.

What is the good sentences for the word careless?

I can't believe that questioner was so careless! The careless cat's curiosity led it to climb the hot stove. A careless camper can burn down a whole forest.

What is an antonym for circumspect?

audacious, bold, careless audacious, bold, careless

What is the Tagalog term for careless?

Tagalaog translation of CARELESS: hindi maingat

What is the prefix or suffix of in a careless way?

There is no prefix in careless. The suffix is -less.

How can a write a sentence with a word careless?

John is a very careless person.

What is the duration of The Careless Years?

The duration of The Careless Years is 1.17 hours.

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