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Yes, pine trees can be found in the woodlands.


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Pine trees are mainly found in North America :)

pine trees are found in temperate mountainous regions

The Eastern Woodlands stretch from the Appalachian Mountains into Georgia. The plant and vegetation of the Eastern Woodlands include many Oak, Walnut, and Pine trees.

Yes. They are found in pine cones which come from pine trees. (see:

Pine trees are found in climate like colorado's climate

Duff is plant material like leaves, pine needles, twigs and such that covers the ground beneath trees or brush. That would allow us to locate duff in forests, woodlands or places where many trees or shrubs are growing.

Most pine trees now found in Australia are not native. However, there are several species of native pines, and these include:Bunya PineWollemi PineNorfolk Island PineHoop Pine

not sure what i read in my reader was it has no pine trees in decidous forests instead they are found in mountain forests......

Pine trees are found in east texas known as the costal region.

Plains don't have trees, woodlands have trees.

mostly Ponderosa Pine

There are at least 35 species of pine trees known to be found in North America. This is roughly a third of all species on Earth.

why cant you smell pine from your pine trees?

No, Pine Trees have pine needles, not leaves

Pine trees, evergreen, trees with needles are gymnosperms. Their seeds are found inside the cones.spruce, fir, pine,

No, pine trees are not sexual.

Habitat is generally used for animals, just so you know. Anyway, pine trees are usually found in temperate or subtropical zones.

The Eastern White Pine, Virginia Pine, Shortleaf Pine, and Pitch Pine are all native to the state. They are most found in Eastern Kentucky.

Pine trees are not seedless. The seeds are located in the pine cones.

Pine trees have quite a few things that fern and mosses do not. Pine trees have pine cones and a wooden trunk.

Conifers are evergreens, pine trees. They are found wherever trees grow in general, but further north (or south) than deciduous trees can grow.

It is believe that the pine tree originated in the Northern Hemisphere. However, pine trees are found in the Canary Islands and Scotland as well.

A plantation (area of trees) of pine trees

No, pine trees do not produce flowers.

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