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Lauric Acid

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Q: Are polar covalent bonds stronger in water or Lauric Acid?
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What is stronger a covalent or a polar covalent?

Polar Covalent.

Why H20is non polar covalent bond?

H2O has polar covalent bonds, not non-polar covalent bonds.

What are the different types of chemical bonds?

Ionic bonds, Covalent bonds, Hydrogen bonds, Polar Covalent bonds, Non-Polar Covalent bonds, and Metallic bonds.

What is the different between polar covalent and non polar covalent?

polar bonds are non metals bonded to non metals and non polar covalent bonds are bonds sharing electrons.....

Is a covalent bond stronger than a polar covalent bond?

== ==Yes, a covalent bond is stronger than a polar bond.

Does hydrogen fluoride have polar covalent bonds?

Yes...hydrogen fluoride (HF) has polar covalent bonds

Which substance has polar covalent bonds SO2 Cl2 N2 or CaO?

Molecular substances can have both polar and nonpolar covalent bonds.

How do you determine the bond type of H2O2 What is the formula Is it polar or nonpolar covalent?

Hydrogen peroxide has both polar covalent bonds (-OH bonds) and non polar covalent bonds (O-O bond).

Is SO2 covalent or nonpolar covalent?

Sulfur dioxide is a polar molecules with polar covalent bonds.

What kind of bond are formed by share electrons?

When electrons are shared, covalent bonds are formed. Covalent bonds are of two types, polar and non-polar. A complex type of covalent bonds are co-ordinate covalent bonds or dative bonds.

The bonds between hydrogen and oxygen in a water molecule are classified as?

Within the molecule, the bonds are covalent bonds. Between water molecules, they're hydrogen bonds.

Does water have polar or non polar covalent bonds?