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Yes. They reduce friction for longer spin times. They also often come in thinner strings. For a beginner, cotton is better, but if you are looking for a string to use for an unresponsive yoyo, polyester would be the best choice.


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cotton is better to wear in the summer then polyester

where the cotton percentage is more than 50% in the yarn (cotton polyester) than it is termed as cotton polyester and where the polyester percentage is more than 50% in the yarn ( polyester cotton) it is termed as polyester cotton.

Probably the most important way that polyester is better than cotton is that it does not shrink in the drier, unlike cotton; however, cotton is generally softer than polyester.

A cotton fabric is going to breathe better than polyester in the warm/hot weather. Same is true for the difference between the two for bedding - would much rather sleep on cotton sheets than polyester.

Cotton absorbs water (sweat) better than polyester, therefore causing an odor (smell of sweat) to be given off when worn (if you sweat, that is).

Cotton is much warmer that polyester.

100% cotton is more durable than cotton and polyester blends because it less stretchy and therefore less likely to rip.

Depends on intended usage and preferences. polyester dries faster but is less resistant to heat.

Chief Value Cotton (Cotton more than 50% )Cotton 52% Polyester 48%Cotton 65% Polyester 35%Cotton 70% Polyester 30%Cotton 80% Polyester 20%

Depends what your needs are. Polyester dries faster, so for something such as a swim suit, it would be better than cotton, in that respect. The color in polyester also isn't as likely to bleed in wet conditions. So a multi colored item is less likely to get murky in the wash.

Everything is essentially biodegradable. Cotton with polyester blended in, or polyester alone will take longer to biodegrade than 100% cotton, for example.

In a fabric comparison test, 100-percent polyester provided better UV protection than both cotton and a polyester blend. When there are UV warnings, it is best to avoid wearing cotton fabrics.

Cotton is more expensive than polyester, as it is grown, whereas polyester is man-made and easier to get.

Polyester dryes much faster than cotton. But I don't know about Lyocell........, looking for that answer myself. :)

This guide will explain the difference between cotton filled and polyester filled bedding sets. Cotton filled quilts are typically more expensive because of the added skill required in making the quilts. 100% cotton quilts are normally heavier than polyester filled quilts because polyester is a less dense fiber. Because of the lighter weight, polyester has more "holes" with which to retain heat. For this reason, polyester quilts are lighter and can be warmer than 100% cotton quilts.

Cotton is very comfortable but costs considerably more than polyester. Polyester is quite cheap, but it's not very comfortable. Combining the two results in a fabric that is not as expensive as pure cotton but not as uncomfortable as pure polyester.

it is weaker than linen and wool but stronger than cotton

You probably are asking about fabric that is made of a blend of cotton and polyester fibers. This is a very common blend, for example a lot of button-front shirts for men and women are made of 60%/40% (either one being the larger percentage) of this combination. It tends to be more comfortable and "breathes" better than 100% polyester, and is less wrinkly and more colorfast than 100% cotton.

Polyester dries quicker than cotton, as the polyester fibres don't absorb as much water.

Well I did a science project,which is,Which 100% percent cotton fabric decompose faster than polyester fabric when it sits in bleach for one month? The Conclusion is correct to my Hypothesis cotton fabric will decompose faster than polyester fabric because polyester fabric is a man made fabric.

The whole goal with a knot is to create as much friction between each of the strings as possible. The greater the friction, the better the knot will hold. Silk string is very smooth as compared to the cotton string. So the friction produced when a cotton string is tied in a knot is greater than that when a knot tied with silk string. That is why a knot tied with cotton string will hold better than a knot tied with silk string.

If the backpack is made of cloth that will dye easily, yes, you can. Cotton items dye better than those made of polyester.

Polyester the properties of polyester fibre are high-strength, excellent resiliency, high abrasion re Polyester is a man-made fibre instant, and low absorbency it is smooth and lightweight and resistant to creasing, stretching, and shirking. Polyester washes well and it's not damaged by sun or weather. It can be difficult to remove stains from polyester and is not breathing as well as fabric made from natural fibres, such as cotton. Polyester pros and cons It isn't as comfortable as cotton because it keeps sweat close to your body, whereas cotton soaks up and, but it is extremely tear-resistant and is more elastic than cotton. then releases moisture. Unlike cotton, polyester does not breathe and is apt to stick to skin when an individual sweats Polyester is a strong and flexible material and extends the wear of cotton. Manmade fabrics, such as polyester, don't allow air to ventilate as well as cotton does, and this characteristic allows fungi to thrive if polyester is worn close to the body for long periods of time. An advantage of polyester is that it is not reliant on nature to grow, and it is cheaper than cotton. Therefore I do not think that polyester is suitable for child hoddie because it loses shape easily, its not durable and not last-logging lol copyed from another s

Polyester-cotton blends require less care, but they do require more care than most pure cotton or polyester fabrics. Cotton-polyester blends resist fading and can be washed at higher temperatures.Easy care, warm wash, gentle iron. The easy care properties associated with polyester overcome the difficulties that can be attributed to cotton. As with many properties the overall performance will depend on the blend ratio. With the higher polyester concentrations the care becomes easier. High temperature laundering can be undertaken if required.

Yes, the higher the number the heavier the fabric.

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