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Are ponchos like sweaters?

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Yes, becaus ethey keep yu wanr and comfort you. There are also some differences like the fact that a pancho has no sleaves and sweaters do. (; peac eput nigguh. (:

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Where can you find Barbie knit patterns?

Check out there are dresses, skirts, sweaters, socks, ponchos, shorts, pants, tops, jackets and many more. They are all free. Enjoy !

Where to buy good sweaters?

I like L.L. Bean lambs wool sweaters

do kids actually like sweaters for xmas ?


What does traditional clothing from Argentina look like?

cowboys wear....big hatsponchos

What do Chilean's clothes look like?

Chilean clothes are closely associated with the garments like ponchos, coats, and pants.

What are 4 things you can knit?

One can knit:HatsScarvesSweatersShawlsPonchosJacketsGlovesSocksBlanketsPillowsLamp ShadesStuffed AnimalsSkirts/Dresses (?)I've even heard of knitting belts out of fishing line!

What can you make with a ball of yarn? socks and sweaters

How do you spell sweaters?


What looks sexyer on a woman mohair or angora sweaters?

Both mohair sweaters and angora sweaters

Where can one purchase Dale of Norway sweaters?

Dale of Norway sweaters has their own website where the sweaters can be purchased. However, other websites also sell them, like Scandinavian Gifts, Norway Shop, and Moose Mountain Trading Co.

What are ponchos made of?

Actual Spanish ponchos are made of cotton and linen blends. They are a common covering in the Latin American region.

Where can you find cheap Avenged Sevenfold sweaters?

You can find cheap Avenged Sevenfold sweaters on their merchandise website. Or, you find some at places like Hot Topic.

Do horses like snow?

no because they don't have sweaters with chickens in their pockets

Where can you get Fred and George Weasley sweaters?

I don't know where you can get Fred and George sweaters but you can find House sweaters online. or you could get Blue sweaters and add a 'F' and 'G'

Do Brazilians wear ponchos?


Who invented ponchos?

No one in particular. Ponchos have been used for many centuries in the Andes Mountains of South America, notably in Peru.

Is wearing ponchos cool?

Yes!! ponchos are the coolest thing ever, you should own 7, one for each day of the week

How are sweaters made?

i think sweaters are made by sheep wool.

How do you say 'sweaters' in Estonian?

Sviitrid, kampsunid.

What is the difference between Sweaters and Shirts?

Sweaters and Shirts have both Long Sleeves but the Sweaters are much thicker than other shirts. Shirts have buttons or zippers unlike other sweaters.

What is the price range for American Eagle sweaters?

Right now most sweaters are on sale or clearanced out. The range for ladies sweaters is $20 - 40. Mens sweaters are about $40 right now.

Where is the best place to buy sweaters?

There really isn't too many places with sweaters out yet, but personally I love the sweaters from Hollister

Is sweaters a direct or indirect object?

The plural noun sweaters can be used as a subject, a direct object, an indirect object, or the object of a preposition; for example: Subject: The sweaters are for school. Direct Object: We bought sweaters for school. Indirect Object: Dad will make the sweaters a shelf in my closet. Object of a Preposition: Dad will make a shelf for the sweaters.

What are ponchos?

a Mexican clothing that go on your shoulders

When was Sweaters for Penguins created?

Sweaters for Penguins was created in 2002-08.