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Yes popular teens are more likely to have depression in and after high school because they are constantly being followed by people. They also feel that they have to be a certain size especially in girls. They are like everybody else, except they have a title.

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Q: Are popular teens more likely to have depression in and after high school?
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How many teens abuse marijuana?

teens with depression are more likely to abuse it

How common is depression amongst teens?

15%-20% of teens are suffering from depression.

What are the most popular movies geared towards teens?

Some of the most popular movies that are geared toward teens are Twilight. This movies deals with teens in school, relationships, and the importance of family.

Are teens who have become pregnant likely to go to college?

no researchers show that teens in high school that are pregnant are to finish high school but not go to college

How many teens have been depressed?

over 23000 teens around the world are depressed, but their depression is not that high as the adult depression

How does depression in adolescents differ from adult depression?

Children and adolescents are more likely to be irritable Depression in teens leads to more loss of impulse control and suicidal thoughts. Adults are more likely to be withdrawn and lose intrest in work. I linked you to a website i made. It has a section on depression. check it out.

Who will get Depression?

Anyone. Anyone can get depression. Girls are nearly twice as likely to get it, though. Also, I believe that even about 25% of preschoolers suffer from depression as well as it being extremely common in teens and adults. Hope this answers your question!

Do popular teens wear boxer-briefs?

At my school, the popular teens wear boxers. Boxers, boxers, boxers! The teens that are caught in the locker room in tighty-whities and briefs are usually made fun of. I suggest to fit in you wear boxers.

What is a sentence for hot spot?

The new skateboard park is a popular hot spot for teens after school.

How does depression affect teens?

Depression in teens can get very serious. I remember when I had depression, it got as far as suicide pacts. If you know a teen that has depression, call a doctor and have them tested. Don't be afraid to get the teen mad because in the end, he/she will be very happy.

How does alcohol abuse affect teens?

It affects how teens do in school, and affect the choices they will make later in life, and they most likely will not have a good life after abusing alcohol.

Do popular teens in high school have a greater possibility of depression later in life?

I'm not a mental health professional but I would say no to your question. I DO think that popular teens are in for a shock in the real world after high school because the real world is not at all like high school. The real world doesn't care if you were class president or the varsity quarterback or head cheerleader. And it must come as some surprise. After I graduated from high school I kept running into former classmates who had been "too good" to speak to me in high school. The popular kids. And boy did they change! I could tell they had to make a serious adjustment into the world of real people!

How popular is hollister?

Hollister co. is popular among teens/high school students. sorry if that's too general...

Where can one find programs for troubled teens?

There are many places where one can find programs for troubled teens. One can find programs for troubled teens at popular on the web sources such as Outward Bound and the Family School.

Are teens who get pregnant more likely to graduate from high school and college then those who wait?

No. School is hard work and children make it harder.

How many teens get depression?

mostly 6700 thousand get depression because of texting. - Jewl Barns

Is bipolar depression normal for teens?

sometimes yes.

Does ray Charles have depression?

Yes he did. Especially in his younger days (teens and twenties) he suffered major depression.

What are some of the risks of teenage drinking?

Teenagers who drink alcohol are more likely to be involved in car accidents, more likely to be the victims of crime, and are more likely to attempt or commit suicide. Depression and anxiety are also more common in teens who drink.

What percentage of teens do well in school?

16% of teens do well in school (straight A's)

What is the most popular drug used by teens?

Marijuana is the most popular drugs for teens because it is cheap.

Can someone help me find a camp for troubled teens anywhere on the west coast?

California Juvenile Boot Camp is a popular program on the West Coast for troubled teens. If this sounds too harsh, Balboa City School is a less severe sounding boarding school, that helps troubled teens and underachievers.

How many teens die each year from depression?


The percentage of teenage depression in US?

About 20% of teens are depressed

What is the leading mental health problem among teens?