Dolphins and Porpoises
Endangered, Vulnerable, and Threatened Species

Are porpoises endangered?

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Yes. People have been hunting them. A porpoises meat is eaten and its blubber is boiled to oil.

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What is the collective noun for porpoise?

The collective nouns are:a herd of porpoisesa pod of porpoisesa school of porpoisesa turmoil of porpoises

What are some endangered sea creatures?

there is endangered dolphins porpoises and some sharks There are also many types of beautiful fish that they have yet to name. But they are trying to keep their environment clean so that the fish can live on

Do porpoises have blowholes?

Yes porpoises have blowholes.

Is a porpoises a mammal?

Yes, porpoises are mammals.

What is the difference in dolphins and porpoises?

The difference in dolphins and porpoises is porpoises have a different bill than a dolphin.

How many porpoises are in the Great Barrier Reef?

None. There are no porpoises in Australian waters. Dolphins are plentiful, but not porpoises.

How long do porpoises live for?

porpoises live for about 29yrs

Do porpoises live in reefs?

No, porpoises do not live on reefs.

Speculate about why the levels of DDT fall more slowly in porpoises than in other animals in the ecosystem?

DDT may stay in the system of porpoises longer than with other animals because porpoises lact the necessary enzymes to break down this type of poison. The use of DDT as a pesticide has endangered many animals in the past, and is not longer being used in the United States.

What is the porpoises behavior?

Porpoises are very shy sea mammals.

Are sharks porpoises?

No. Sharks are a type of fish. Porpoises are mammals.

Are porpoises and dolphins the same?

No they are not although porpoises are related to whales and dolphins.

Are porpoises endothermic or ectothermic?

Porpoises are mammals and all mammals are ectothermic

Who is the author for Dolphins and Porpoises?

Whales, Dolphins, and Porpoises, by Mark Carwardine.

What is a group of porpoises called?

The collective nouns are a herd, a school or a pod of porpoises.

Do porpoises use echolocation?

Yes both dolphins and porpoises use echolocation

Do porpoises swim in Lake Michigan?

Porpoises don't swim in Lake Michigan.

Are whales related to porpoises and dolphins?

yes whale are related to porpoises and dolphins

When riding the ferry to Port Aransas Tx which do you see dolphins or porpoises?


Do porpoises live in the gulf of Mexico?

Yes. Porpoises are just the same as (though slightly different) from a dolphin involving the head but there are some Porpoises in the Gulf of Mexico.

Are porpoises mammals?

Yes, a porpoise is a mammal.

How are dolphins and porpoises different?

Dolphins and porpoises are different because dolphins have cone-like, triangular teeth, while porpoises have more flat teeth like the molars we have.

Do porpoises have telepathy?

I have not found any evidence of telepathy in porpoises. they communicate by sonar like clicks

Do dolphins eat porpoises?

Many think of dolphins as these beautiful sweet creatures, but they do attack and kill porpoises. It has been documented with videos that they like to bully and hurt baby porpoises.

What are the characteristics of porpoises?

They are quite similar to dolphins but porpoises have flatten shape-shaped teeth, and short beaks.

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