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Yes, they are poisonous. Potato leaves, flowers, sprouts and green or "sun-scalded" potatoes contain a glycoalkaloid that is a natural defense mechanism to protect the plant from predators. I believe the name of the glycoalkaloid is solanine, and is also found in the leaves of tomatoes. I do not advise this, but you can leave a potato in the sunlight for some days until it turns green. Then cook and eat it. You probably won't die, but the headache you'll get might make you wish you had. Solanine toxic effects tarket the gastrointestinal, liver, heart. Eating potato leaves can, in fact, kill you.

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Q: Are potato leaves poisonous
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How poisonous are potato leaves?

very poisonous,

Are potato leaves poisonous to guinea pigs?

No but potato strips are.

Can you eat potato leaves?

For most, they aren't edible, or when you eat them, nothing happens to your body. White potato leaves are poisonous though, so you'd better be careful.

Which part of the potato is poisonous?

Which part of the potato is poisonous

Can one eat the leaves of a potato plant?

Yes, but only if you want to die. The leaves of the potato are very poisonous (what the boy in 'Into the Wild' died of) because they are in the deadly nightshade family. Same with tomatoes.

Are beetroot leaves for cats poisonous?

Beetroot leaves are not poisonous to cats. However, cherry leaves and peach leaves are poisonous and harmful for a cat to ingest.

Why don't you eat food like rhubarb leaves or the green bit of a potato plant?

You don't eat things like rhubarb leaves or the green bit of a potato plant because they are not edible and are therefore not food. They contain poisonous chemicals.

Are potatoes poisonous to snowshoe hares?

Many parts of the potato are poisonous to hares and rabbits (including snowshoe hares), including the eyes on the potato, and any green parts (stems, leaves, shoots etc.) of the potato plant. The white parts of the potato are not poisonous, but they're not healthy (too high in starches) and they're not part of the rabbit's natural diet. You should not give potato to any rabbit or hare. Wild rabbits and hares will not eat your potatoes unless they're starving.

Are gardenia leaves poisonous?

No. Neither the leaves or the flowers are poisonous.

What kind of plant omnivores eat?

Omnivores can eat all kinds of plant, as long as it is not poisonous to their system, such as the leaves of the potato plant.

Are mountain ash leaves poisonous to alpacas?

Mountain Ash leaves are not poisonous to Alpacas. In fact, the leaves and the berries are not poisonous to any animal.

Is a sweet potato poisonous?


Are beetroot leaves poisonous?

No, they are not poisonous.

Are potato bugs poisonous?

Yes, this is because the potato plant itself is poisonous. The only non-poisonous part of the potato plant is the starch inside the tuber. You are not even suppose to eat the potato peel. And under non-circumstance are you to eat of the potato fruit. Because the potato bug can eat the potato plant it inherits its poisons. Keep in mind though that "poisonous" does not mean "venomous". The potato bug may be poisonous to eat, but it is not venomous, meaning it cannot bite you and inject venom into your body. The only way you could ever be harmed by a potato bug is if you ate enough of them to become sick from their protective poison.

Are mulberry tree leaves poisonous?

As mulberry berries are eaten the leaves should not be poisonous.

Are canna leaves poisonous?

Canna leaves are not poisonous to humans, dogs or cats.

Are all wilted cherry leaves poisonous to horses?

Cherry Leaves are poisonous to horses. BE ALERT!

Is raw potato poisonous to humans?

The raw potato is crunchy and delicious, BUT do not eat the uncooked peel or any other green part of the plant . . . these are poisonous.

Are potato plants poisonous to horses?

I have been told that the greens of potato palnts are poisonous to horses. I am researching this now and will report back. Yes the green parts of the potato plant are poisonous. The potato is a member of the nightshade family. They contain solanin which is a nerve toxin that is very toxic even in small amounts.

Are potato leaves poisonous to chickens?

They can be in large quantities as potatoes are part of the deadly nightshade family however a chicken will not usually like the taste of them and tend not to eat them.

Are the green chips poisonous?

no there not poisonous it just a potato that's not fully grown yet .

Are magnolia tree leaves poisonous to people?

No, Magnolia tree leaves are not poisonous, but I suggest you not try to eat them.

Why are no inner leaves present in potato?

Because a potato is a ROOT. Roots don't generally have leaves inside them.

Are almond tree leaves poisonous to horses?

Almond tree leaves are poisonous to horses. In fact, fruit trees such as cherry, peach, plum, apricot, and nectarine leaves are also poisonous to horses.

Are leaves of rhubarb poisonous?

They contain oxalic acid and are poisonous

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