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just started taking modafinil and not sure if this is considered a side effect. I've also been told diificulty trying to catch my breath could be stress related.

Answeryes for both you have to take deep breaths Answeryes for both you have to take deep breaths
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Q: Are problems trying to catch your breath the same as shortness of breath?
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When a dog yawns what does that mean?

Same thing as when you yawn..... When you get tired you get a shortness of breath causing you to yawn to catch your breath when your tired...

Why do you run out of breath when you work hard?

Because you are using up Oxygen in your blood faster then you can replace it. Breathing gets the oxygen in, Work uses it up. If you use it up faster than you get it in you "run our of breath". (your body is telling you to "stop for a bit, and let it catch up") There are medical problems that can cause "shortness of breath" so if unsure go visit your doctor.

What if you were having shortness of breath while on birth comntrol?

I hope this helps someone.. I was having shortness of breath while taking birthcontrol pills. It would get so bad at some points I thought id pass out.. Although it didnt hurt to breath in, I felt like i couldnt catch my breath. If you are experiencing pain upon breathing in or leg swelling with shortness of breath go to the ER right away. If not, try finishing your pack and waiting a few days.. youll see that you can breath normally again. Don't panic, but let your doctor and pharmacist know about your symptoms. This is what happened to me. I see my doctor next week.. I pray to God she believes me, they seem to think BC pills are sent from heaven or something.

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The song is called 'Catch my Breath' :)

Why is it good to breath through nose than to the mouth?

when you breath through your nose you catch more of the germs trying to enter your body on the hairs in your nose. when you breath through your mouth there is much less protection against germs

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your breath 🤣😂

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Birds hold their breath when they are drinking or diving to catch fish.

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You can stop and catch your breath.She was out of breath because she had not exercised in a while.

Is it possible to make your breath so hot an object will catch fire if so how would I do this?

No, it is not possible to make your breath so hot that it will make an object catch fire because our breath contains carbon dioxide and moisture.