Are pterosaurs predators

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Yes. Dinosaurs are prey.

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Q: Are pterosaurs predators
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What are the predators of the pterosaur?

Pterosaurs are predators.

Why weren't pterosaurs predators?

Actually, all known pterosaurs were carnivores, and thus they were predators. Depending on the species, pterosaurs ate insects, fish, or small land animals like lizards, amphibians, and primitive mammals. A few species were filter feeders, similar to modern flamingoes, which eat brine shrimp.

Good dino fact on pterosaurs?

Pterosaurs were carnovores. They ate fish. they were also predators not prey.FOR FEATURES WHEN THE PTEROSAURS LIVED The primitive types of pterosaurs appeared during the Triassic period , and died out at the end of the Jurassic period. More advanced pterosaurs appeared late in the Jurassic period and died out during the Cretaceous period. SIZE Their wingspam is 12metres long. The head is 1 metre long.The body is 3 metres long.

Did a pterosaurs nurture its young?

Pterosaurs laid leathery eggs and didn't stay to incubate them. The young were born precocial, or capable of fending for themselves. Within days of birth they could fly, and would then be able to escape predators and hunt.

Does pterosaurs eat humans?

No. Pterosaurs are extinct and humans never met the dinosaurs/pterosaurs.

Were Pterosaurs carnivores or herbivores?

Pterosaurs were carnivorous.

How many types of pterosaurs are there?

Two types of Pterosaurs

Do pterosaurs fly?

Yes, pterosaurs were flying creatures.

What is the pterosaurs related to?

Pterosaurs were closely related to the dinosaurs. Because birds have descended from dinosaurs, the closest living relatives of pterosaurs are birds. All birds are equally related to pterosaurs.

Were there any hyper-carnivorous Pterosaurs?

All known pterosaurs were carnivores. There is no evidence that any pterosaurs ate any plants at all, and thus it is safe to say that at least most, if not all pterosaurs were hypercarnivorous.

Do Pterosaurs lay real eggs?

Pterosaurs did lay eggs to reproduce. Like modern lizards and crocodiles, pterosaurs laid soft shelled eggs.

What is the dinosaur pterosaurs?

Pterosaurs were not actually dinosaurs. Pterosaurs were flying reptiles that lived alongside dinosaurs between 210 and 65.5 million years ago.

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