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Rare PokemonYes, there are many Pokemon only found in one game and none in the other here are examples:

FireRed: Ekans, Electrobuzz, Closter, Delibird, Murkow, Psyduck

Leaf Green: Slowpoke, Magmar, Sneasel, Mischous (I can't spell ,but it is a ghost Pokemon)

Emerald: Besides Smeragle, the other rare Pokemon are found in the extended protion of the Safai Zone. (Note: Psyduck can be found in the Safai Zone)

Ruby and Sappire: Lunatone and others.

Some Pokemon you can only get by trading (like Macoke and Haunter) and others you have to trade with items (Progon2, SlowKing, Steelix)

If you have all 5 games, you can get all 386 Pokemon including rare ones like Mew.

AnswerYes there are unique Pokemon, particularily legendaries. For example, Kyogre is only catchable in Saphire and Emerald, likewise for groudon.

FireRed: Ekans, Electrobuzz, Closter, Delibird, Murkow, Psyduck

Leaf Green: Slowpoke, Magmar, Sneasel

Emerald:Smeragle (artisian cave in Battle Frontier)andin the extended portion of the Safai Zone. including milktank, pinecone, Tedusuar, and many other GSC games.

Ruby and Sappire: Lunatone and others.

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Q: Are rare Pokemon found in only certain versions of the game?
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A Pokemon outbreak is when a Pokemon from another game can be found in a certain location for one day only. The location of the outbreak changes daily.

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Mawile is a steel type pokemon that can be found in victory road in emerald,sapphire,and ruby versions of the game. It's level ranges from 30s to 40s.

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No I tried to use them and my game froze.

In Pokemon what is missingno?

a glitch found in the original GBC red and blue versions of the game. its pic is of a question mark, and if you have a gameshark or whatever you can get one in your other Pokemon games, too. Missingno can also freeze up your game if you capture it.

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Bulbasaur is the first Pokemon according the Blue and Red versions of the game in the pokedex.

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your game boy versions shouldn't real.

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