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Red-Eared Sliders are Semi-Aquatic turtles.

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red eared turtles live in both ,water and land

No. Red eared sliders are water turtles, while box turtles are land turtles.:)

red eared turtles are related to pond turtles

No, red eared sliders can't live in saltwater. They are fresh water turtles.

They require it! They are aquatic turtles.

no RES turtles are fresh water turtles

Ghost Red Eared Slider Turtles will get to be the same size as normal Red Eared Slider Turtles, which is 10-12 inches.

All terrapins, sea turtles and freshwater turtles live in the ocean, but tortoises do not live in the water. The prevous answer was wrong From Red Eared Turtz

Red eared slider turtles bask though out the day. There is no specific time that they prefer.

No, but their happier with it and without it they don't grow to much.

Fresh what if you have salt water they might die

No, they just drink out of the water they swim in.

They like cold and hot water together

They are red. And are baby turtles . Sooo there baby red turtles

not very long. it is best to keep your red eared slider in the water.

Usually turtles sleep in the water with their head sticking out for air.

No they do not breathe under water. They have lungs. Aquatic turtles such as the red - eared slider can hold their breath for 3 - 4 hours.

Red eared sliders, as well as all turtles and tortoises are egg layers.

ever animal needs water ever animal needs water

yes i have 7 red eared sliders and they do eat their poop

the red eared slider turtles eneimes are great white sharks and killer whales.

Red Eared Sliders are aquatic turtles. They generally spend their time in a pond like environment, and come up to bask in the sun.Image search "red eared slider" to find out. They are very unique looking and very easy to tell what kind of turtle they are.Then, return them wherever you got them. You obviously shouldn't be owning turtles.

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