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no, only the cute, big, chubby GIANT PANDAS! :'(

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Are lesser pandas extinct?

No, lesser (or red) pandas are not extinct.

Is the red panda going extinct?

Yes they are, there is approximately 2500 Red Pandas left.

What if red pandas were extinct?

then there would only be blue pandas no their would only be giant pandas and they would go extinct right after red pandas.

Are red pandas extinct?

No but they are endangered.

Are pandas going extinct?

Yes, the Pandas are in danger of extinction.

How do you stop pandas from going extinct?

By not poaching

Will pandas be going extinct in the future?


Where are pandas becoming extinct?

No, pandas are not currently in danger of going extinct. They are rare in their home country of China, however.

What is the date of extinction for red pandas?

they are not extinct yet

What can you do to keep pandas from going extinct?

Increase awarness

How can you get extinct pandas back?

Pandas are not extinct.

Are red pandas becoming extinct?

Yes they are. No, they are not endangered, but threatened.

Have pandas ever been hunted?

Yes pandas are hunted. That is the main reason they are going extinct.

When did red pandas become extinct?

The Red Panda is not extinct yet, but there is only around about 2500 Red Panda adults now and they are endangered.

Why are pandas rubbish?

Pandas are not rubbish. They are soon going to be extinct animals and they are brilliant animals. Remember: pandas are NOT rubbish! Yeah, pandas are mammals.

What do pandas do to survive?

They don't, that's why they are going extinct idiot.

Should Red Pandas become extinct?

Of course not, red pandas are a unique creature and the world need as much diversity as possible.

How long will it be before pandas are extinct?

There is no certain answer, but people are trying to do things about it. Though there are only 1000 giant pandas out in the wild, and 2500 red pandas, if we are lucky, they won't go extinct. But as I say, there is no certain answer.

When will Red Pandas become extinct?

It is really hard to see if the Red Panda will become extinct, but the way it is going at the moment, it will. Because of those selfish poachers, they may die out if we don't do somthing more drastic. Hope this helps =)

Why are red pandas becoming extinct?

Because there becoming extinct because they re getting hunted for there soft fur

Would pandas still be going extinct despite man?

Decline in bamboo

How are pandas going exctinct?

Pandas are getting extinct because of habitat loss and because so many are being hunted.

What is the status of pandas?

Pandas are endangered, but not extinct.

Are pandas gone?

No, Pandas are endangered but not extinct.

What organisms that are classified with red panda?

Red Pandas are in the family Ailuridae which includes Red Pandas and their extinct relatives. Most scientists will tell you that red pandas are also distantly related to the family Procyonidae which includes raccoons, coatis, kinkajous, olingos, ringtails and cacomistles.