Are regular sharpies oil based?

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What is the right way to dispose of sharpies?

It is okay to throw away Sharpies and other writing instruments in the regular trash. However, in some areas, they may also be recycled.

How many types of sharpies are there?

There are 45 types of sharpies. (not including the limited edition or custom sharpies)

How do you remove oil based paint from a sink?

A rag dipped in regular paint thinner always does it.

Is smelling sharpies bad for you?

No idea what "Sharpies" are -- please re-send

Can you switch from synthetic oil to petroleum based oil in your Dodge 2500 diesel The truck was built with petroleum oil and the original owner had several oil changes with regular oil first?


Is drawing on your nails with sharpies dangerous?

No , sharpies wouldn't be invented if you couldn't get it of your fingers!

Can you put regular primer over a painted surface?

Yes, you can use either latex or oil based primer.

Is oil paint and regular paint the same thing?

There is no such thing as "regular paint" . There is oil based paint, alkyd paint, latex paint, epoxy paint, urethane paint and lacquer. They are all different and have different thinners and uses.

Why can't students use sharpies in class?

Because teachers don't want the sharpies to bleed through

Do sharpies intoxicate you?

depends, if you sniff too long or too much. But sharpies can make you high though..^.^

When were sharpies invented?


In which countries do they sell sharpies?

Sharpies are sold in most countries around the world. I know for a fact they are sold in The americas.

Can you use sharpies for eyeliner?

NO!! sharpies have extremely powerful chemicals. it can burn your eyes and even cause permanent damage.

Your car has synthetic oil can you change to regular and how do you do it?

its the same process as changing synthetic oil, except you use regular oil.

What is the difference between a semi regular and a regular tessellation?

A regular tessellation is based on only one regular polygonal shape. A semi-regular tessellation is based on two or more regular polygons.

What is oil based paintings?

paints based on oil

What oil does a vs 2008 dogde charger take sincentic or regular oil?

Need to no what oil take if regular oil o use con te tic oil

How do sharpies work?

THEY HAVE INK!!!!!!!!!!! Just like any other marker but it has other ingredients. No one that i know of knows what is in the sharpies.

Are Sharpies made in Mexico?

Some of them are. A fraction of the worldwide production of Sharpies is made in the Mexicali (Baja California, Mexico) plant.

Can you use regular motor oil in Polaris sportsman 500?

Yes, as long as you use the correct SAE weight oil. Polaris oil is regular oil.

What is an oil based soap?

Castile is olive oil based.

Can you change from synthetic oil to regular oil?

Yes you can.

Can i mix synthetic oil with regular oil?


Can you use sharpies on stone?


How long do sharpies last?

There permenent!