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Questions about the technical aspects and information on the uses, application, cautionaries etc. of the various types and brands or paints and stains.

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Painting and Staining

Refinish Kitchen Cabinets?

Cabinets and countertops are the most visually striking aspect of a kitchen. Trends and individual taste in cabinet and / or countertop colors change over time, making our available services a perfect partner to achieve your desired look. Get best kitchen cabinet refinsihing services at Artisrtic Refinishing

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Painting and Staining

What is the best exterior paint for the desert?

Any light color will work best. Lighter colors reflect more of the suns rays. On that note, you want to go with a high end exterior paint. Like Valspar® Duramax® Paint or Behr® Premium Plus Ultra®

I've used the Valspar I own a ranch west of Phoenix. The paint is great, didn't need to prime. I used two coats but it covered in one. I hope this was some help.

*Prep & wash the home before paint.

Answer 2:

The best exterior paint for you will depend on the type of siding on your home as well as your location. I would go to a local paint store and ask for a recommendation.

Painting and Staining

What color walls go good with a red carpet other than black and white?

Shades of yellow or peach goes very well with the red carpet, just opt for some light shade colors, please don't go for any shades of blue it will spoil your interiors.

Painting and Staining

How do you paint angel wings?

There is no correct way to paint angel wings. Use your own expression. If you are trying to make the wings look how the average person sees them, make them white with a lot of feathers.

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Painting and Staining

What is the average cost per square foot to install roof?

It depends on the type of roof. A single story low pitch asphalt shingle roof will cost around $40 - $80 per square (100 sq. ft.) to tear off and $75 - $100 per square to install new shingles. If the plywood sheathing underneath is damaged, it will cost extra, up to $50 per sheet replaced. Some contractors charge for flashing chimneys ($150 - $300) and pipes ($25). All labor performed on steep pitch roofs (7/12 and higher) will be about 10% or 15% higher. Two story housed may be 5% to 10% more. Other types of roofing have a wide range of prices. It really depends on which state you live and how steep the roof is and how many roofs already are on the house.

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Painting and Staining

How much paint do you need for a 1800 sq ft house?

An 1800 sf house can have four walls or 12walls if really depends on the wall area and not the over all living space. Note: you will need to calculate the total square footage of each room (ceiling and walls).

Use this formula to determine the amount of paint needed for each room: Height of the room x perimeter of the room = Square feet of the walls. Divide that number by 350 to determine the total gallons needed to paint the room a single coat. To figure the amount of paint needed to paint the ceiling, multiply the length of the room by the width of the room. Then divide that amount by 300, or if the ceiling is sculpted or highly textured, as little as 150. Do this for each room in the house to determine the total amount of paint needed for the inside of the house.

To determine the amount needed for the outside, multiply the perimeter of the house x the number of stories x 10. Divide that total by 350 for smooth walls 300 for lap siding or as low as 200 for heavy textured stucco walls. That will give you the number of gallons needed for one coat of primer or paint.

This is for a standard house paint. If you are using a high build, like elastomeric paint, check the can or data sheet for proper spread rates.

Painting and Staining

Who makes sears paint products?

Sears interior and exterior paints and primers are made by Sherwin-Williams. In fact, chemically, they are identical to some of Sherwin-Williams line of paints for about $5 or so less per gallon.

Sears paint brushes (Weatherbeater and One Coat brands) are made by Shur-Line which is a sub-company of Rubbermaid.

Painting and Staining
Concrete and Cement

Can you paint concrete with wood stain?

No. It will definitely leave a "stain", if you will, but it will come off with use. A specially formulated compound must be used that bonds with the concrete. See your local Home Depot or Lowes. It's not cheap.

Painting and Staining

How do you get oil based paint off your hands?

The best way I know of is the use of a skin friendly oil. Work it in well and keep rubbing. If you are having trouble, use a bit of abrasive, such as corn meal mixed into the oil.

To prevent this happening in future, put lots of hand cream or lotion on the exposed areas of skin, wear gloves or invest in the product "Gloves in a Bottle" which can be found in many good paint retail stores and some craft stores.

Painting and Staining

Can you spray paint a cardboard box?

Yes! But be mindful of the fumes. They are high in VOC(Volatile Organic Compounds) These compounds are bad for the environment and your health. If the box is going to be indoors allow it to fully dry outside. the scent cant be really overwhelming if you have it indoors too soon.

Why not try painting it with ZERO VOC paint? Or is your mind set on using spray paint?

Painting and Staining

Can you use primer instead of paint?

No I can't use primer instead of paint. Because, Primers can also be used for dirty surfaces that for some reason, cannot be cleaned or before painting light colors over existing dark colors. Primers can usually be tinted to a close match with the color of the finishing paint.

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Interior Design

How many coats when using Kilz primer on the walls?

I always recommend applying 3 thin coats of such sealer primers. You have to remember that paint only cover a certain percentage (which is why we most often need to apply 2 coats in order to get a good coverage). But when using a sealer primer to hide a stain I always take the safer route and apply that 1 extra coat to avoid having to start all over again.

If you are using a quality stain block primer, not Kilz, you should be able to block a stain in a single coat. Realize that many are designed to not visually completely cover, but to stop the oils, waxes, resins and undissolved solids from leaching through the top coat of paint, so you may still be able to see the shadow of the stain through the primer without needing to apply a second coat of primer.

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Wood Crafts

Does oil based paint have to be sanded between coats?

It is preferable to sand the surfaces to increase the adhesion strength between the old and new paint and remove any stains. This will help you

Painting and Staining

Does wall paint has expiry date?

no as long as it hasn't dried out just stir it up again

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Painting and Staining

Can you use lacquer paint over alkyd primer?

I am wondering why you would want to use lacquer. What are you painting ? A house ? A boat ? Furniture ? E-mail me at and we can discuss.

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Painting and Staining

Can portland cement be mixed with latex paint?

i suppose, but it would make some pretty nasty paint. If your trying to make a color coat for stucco or something, a dry colorant available at a masonry supply store would be a much better option. What exactly are you trying to accomplish? might be able to provide a better answer

Painting and Staining
Yamaha Motorcycles

What paint should you use to paint a bike chain?

Special paint for metal. Ask at the paint shop.

Ans 2 - You DON'T paint a bike chain if you wish it to work at max efficiency. Many chains are available with anodized coloured finishes.

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Interior Design

Can you mix semi gloss paint with egg shell paint?

If the two paints are basically the same technical formula, then yes, you can mix them and expect the result to be a little shinier than egg shell.

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Painting and Staining

Where is static electricity useful?

Tape. Post-it notes. Sending paint droplets into the air, to be coalesced primarily on a staticlly-charged surface. In furnace return air electronic air filters. In laser printers, where it attracts carbon particles to the paper's surface.

Painting and Staining

Do you need a license to sell spray paint?

yes you do need a kicence

Painting and Staining

Can you use white spirit in emulsion paint?

Emulsion paint is normally water based. Thinning and cleaning requires water rather than white spirit. Whatever paint you use, check on the can to make sure you know what is needed for thinning before you start to use it.

Painting and Staining

Has anybody used the new Graco ProShot Cordless Airless Paint Sprayer?

Yes and it works great if you know how to spray coatings correctly. I use it for small projects ie. a bunch of doors, piece of lattice... any thing bigger and i use a 440i or 795.

If you need just one sprayer this is NOT it, but as a pro tool for a painter that works every week it is a go. I also took a short spraying class from DNJ Contracting that helped me start out strong and not make a mess or waste paint.

It works great. It is awesome for small projects, the only things I found to be a bit of a problem was the fact that it has trouble spraying really thick paint but you can fix this by thinning out the paint. Also the battery runs out fast and the unit is a bit heavy for some people.

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Arts and Crafts

Does acrilic paint work on plastic?

Yes, Acrylic paints do work on plastic very well. Be sure the plastic is clean before painting.

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Painting and Staining

How does painting prevent rust?

Painting a material that rusts, usually an iron rich material like steel, keeps the metal from exposure to the environment such as air and humidity. Rust is actually the oxidation of metal, and protecting metal with paint does not allow this to happen.

Painting and Staining
DIY Projects

What will get primer out of your hair?

For a small amount, like spatter, of paint (latex, acrylic, or oil, top coats and primers), use a good quality hot oil treatment, followed by a regular shampoo and conditioner. That will remove any kind of paint.

For a large amount of paint, use VO5 cream (in comes in a tube) or something similar, like Brylcreem... you can find it in the men's hair conditioning section.

Or you can use olive oil, any soft margarine or shortening (or even peanut butter) if you have nothing else.

Work it into the paint and slowly and carefully break up the clumps of paint.

Very carefully pull the paint off the shaft of the hair, be patient and work slowly and carefully. Try not to use your fingernails on the shaft of the hair as it will damage the hair.

Shampoo the oil (etc) out of your hair and finish with a good conditioner.

As a last resort you may have to have a haircut... but that is a very drastic step and one I do not recommend.

In future... a hat is a must when working with any kind of paint and I often put a hot oil treatment into my hair before I start... particularly if I will be working with oil based paints.


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