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They are ectotherms.

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Are mammals endotherms or ectotherms?

ectotherms because how they react is simaler to their functions but reptiles are enthoderms

What distinguishes ectotherms from endotherms?

Endothermic = warm-blooded Ectothermic = cold-blooded Endotherms are able to maintain their own body temperature, whereas Ectotherms rely on their environment to regulate body temperature. Ectotherms are animals like reptiles, fish, etc. Reptiles lay out in the sun in order to keep themselves warm and to aid in digestion. Humans are endotherms.

Are dolphins endotherms or ectotherms?


Are puffins endotherms or ectotherms?

They are endotherms

Are cheetahs ectotherms or endotherms?

they are endotherms

Are fish endotherms or ectotherms?


Are walruses Endotherms or Ectotherms?


Are grizzly bears endotherms or ectotherms?


Are geese ectotherms or endotherms?

Geese are endotherms

Are hippopotamus ectotherms?

They are endotherms

Are worms ectotherms or endotherms?

they are

Are birds ectotherms?

No they are not. They are considered endotherms.

Are tigers endotherms or ectotherms?


Are doves endotherms or ectotherms?


Are cartilaginous fish are ectotherms or endotherms?

im pretty sure they are ectotherms, since all fish are ectotherms

Are lemurs ectotherms or endotherms?

Lemurs are endotherms like all the other mammals.

Are sea turtles endotherms or ectotherms?

Ectotherms their body temperature changes with the environment

Compare the energy use of endotherms to ectotherms?

endotherms (mammals, birds) make there own heat energy, so they often eat more than ectotherms (reptiles, insects, fish, amphibians), which can't make there own heat and thus have to rely on the surrounding environment for heat. that is why you'll often find reptiles basking in the sun.

Are birds endotherms or ectotherms?

Birds are endothermic

Are starfish ectotherms or endotherms?

starfish have no blood

Are amphibians endotherns or ectotherns?

Endotherms are warmblooded, ectotherms are coldblooded, so amphibians are ectotherms.

Are invertebrates ectotherms or endotherms?

It depends what animal or thing

What are endothermic vertebrate?

Fish and reptiles are ectotherms (they rely on the environmental heat to keep them warm). Mammals and birds are examples of endotherms as they create their own heat

Can you list ectotherms?

Reptiles (Lizards and Snakes) are ectotherms Amphibians are ectotherms

Are dolphins ectotherms?

No, a dolphin is a mammal and all mammals are endotherms.

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