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i think most of WWE superstars are friends

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Are rey mysterio and batista still friends at survivor series?

I'll tell you something Batista and Rey Mysterio are not friends anymore during their match at Survivor Series because Batista did serious of Batista Bombs on poor Rey Mysterio and the referees took him away in a stretcher and I hate to say this BATISTA IS A BITCH!!!!!!Batista and Rey Mysterio are friends. It is just a storyline with Rey Mysterio and Batista not being friends.

Are batista and rey mysterio still friends after survivor series?

no but rey wants to They are still friends, Batista and Rey Mysterio not being friends is just a storyline.

Rey mysterio get injured at survivor series 2009?

Yes From A Very very very very very hard batista bomb:(

Who is going to win between batista and rey?

Rey Mysterio is going to thrash Batistas.Wait til the Survivor Series results are up on WWE.com to find out who won.

Who will face hbk at survivor series 2008?

Hbk faced Team JBL at survivor series with his own team... and at wrestlemania it will be no other than rey mysterio facing Shawn michaels... :D

Why did Batista turn heel?

it's all a play.. Vince McMahon and others write these stories. i think its because Batista is nicknamed the animal and Vince McMahon decided that we really sall the animal in Batista at bragging rights when he attacked Rey mysterio possibly leading up to a 5-5 survivor series elimination match in Batista's hometown of dc and him not really caring about all of them

What is batista going to do in 2008?

He will win thr Rumble and then the WWE championship and keep it until around survivor series

Wwe survivor series 2 2009 results?

WWE Champion John Cena def. Triple H & Shawn Michaels (Triple Threat Match)World Heavyweight Champion Undertaker def. Big Show & Chris Jericho (Triple Threat Match)Team Kingston def. Team Orton (Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Tag Team Match)Batista def. Rey MysterioTeam Miz def. Team Morrison (Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Tag Team Match)Team Mickie def. Team Michelle (Traditional Survivor Series Tag Team Elimination Match)

When is batista going to win the world heavyweight championship?

survivor series 2009 he will beat Jeff hardy in a hell in the cell match.

Is Boston where the 2006 Survivor series was held?

The 2006 WWE Survivor Series was held on 26/11/06 in The Wachovia Centre in Philadelphia Pennsylvania, Attendance for the event was 15.400 And the main event saw Batista defeat King Booker for the World Title.

Why is survivor series gone?

survivor series isn't gone

What matches are there at the 2009 Survivor Series?

John Cena(c) vs Triple H vs Shawn Michaels- Triple Threat match for the WWE Championship Undertaker(c) vs Chris Jericho vs Big Show- Triple Threat Match For The World Heavyweight Championship Batista vs Rey Mysterio

Which place WWE survivor series 2010 take place?

WWE Survivor Series in 2010 took place in the American Airlines Arena in Miami Florida. It was the 24th Survivor Series pay per view. The important match results of this ppv was: a. Team Rey Mysterio def. Team Alberto Del Rio b. Randy Orton def. Wade Barret to retain the WWE Championship

When will Survivor Series 2008 be?

Survivor Series 2008 will be on November 23, 2008.

What are the results of WWE survivor series 2009?

Team Miz defeated Team Morrison, Batista defeated Rey Mysterio as he could not continue with the match, Team Kofi defeated Team Orton, Team Mickie defeated Team Michelle, The Undertaker defated Chris Jericho and The Big Show and John Cena defeated Triple H and Shawn Michales

How much is survivor series 2013?

The Survivor Series 4 goes at $12.96 at Amazon.com.

What is wrong with batista?

he turned heel because of story lines so it can result in a 5-5 survivor series match in batista's hometown in D.C so they'll boo him

When was Survivor - TV series - created?

Survivor - TV series - was created in 2000.

Where is Survivor Series 2008 going to be at?

Survivor Series 2008 will be at the TD Banknorth Garden in Boston, Massachusetts.

Who is the WWE champ after survivor series?

The wwe champ after survivor series is Randy Orton. He retained his title.

What season of Survivor is one world?

Survivor: One World was the 24th season of the Survivor series.

Will The Rock return to Survivor Series in 2011?

Yes. It is being advertised that Rock will be back at Survivor Series 2011

What comic book series is Mysterio from?

The comic book series that Mysterio is from is Mysterion by Komik Faktory. This character has been on the animated series of South Park with the characters Kenny, Stan, Kyle and Eric.

When is Survivor series 2008?

WWE Survivor Series 2008 will be on November 23, at the TD Banknorth Garden in Boston MA.

When will undertaker return if he does not return at survivor series 2010?

He will defintely not be at survivor series and it won't be until at least near Wrestlemania.

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