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Not at all. Raccoons and possums are from completely different families. Further, possums are marsupials and raccoons are placental mammals.

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Q: Are ringtail raccoons related to ringtail possums?
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Are raccoons related to possums?

No. Raccoons are placental mammals and possums are marsupials. The two are from completely different families.

How are raccoons and possums the same?

Raccoons and opossums are not closely related both are mammals and both are omnivores.

Are ringtail possums endangered?

No. Ring-tail possums are not even close to being endangered.

What do ringtail possums drink?

Ringtail possums drink water. They also feed on nectar of native flowers.

How big are ringtail raccoons when they are born?

Ringtails and raccoons are two different animals, although related. If you are referring to raccoons, their young weigh from 2-3 ounces at birth.

What type of marsupials are ring tailed possums?

Ringtail possums belong to the Order Diprotodontia and the Suborder Phalangeriformes.

Are possums found in Queensland?

Yes. Queensland is home to numerous possums and glider species. Most common atr the Brushtail and Ringtail possums.

What eats a ringtail possum?

Carpet pythons and quolls are common predators of ringtail possums. Dogs hunt and kill them, but do not eat them.

Are possums external or internal?

In their natural state, Australian possums are external dwellers. However, brushtail possums and ringtail possums often shelter in the roof space of suburban houses.

Are raccoons and possums part of the rodent family?

No. Raccoons are carnivores and opossums are marsupials.

How many ringtail possums are left in the world?

Ringtail possums are very common in Australia. Whilst their numbers are decliming in native bushland areas, they are still prolific closer to suburbia, and estimates suggest they number in the hundreds of thousands.

Are raccoons and possums in the rat family?

No. Possums are marsupials, and not even placental mammals like raccoons and rats.Raccoons are not in the rat family, which is of the order rodentia. Raccoons belong to the family known as carnivora.

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