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There are numerous Catholics in the Netherlands.

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Q: Are roman Catholics from the Netherlands?
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Do Ukrainian Catholics celebrate mass like Roman Catholics?

Roman Catholic AnswerUkranian Catholics ARE Roman Catholics, so NO, they Mass if not like Roman Catholics it is Roman Catholic.

How many Roman Catholics are in Spain?

There are about 38,000,000 Roman Catholics in Spain.

Who are roaming Catholics?

Do you mean Roman Catholics?

What are the discrepancies between Roman Catholics and Christianity?

None. Roman Catholics are Christian.

What are the main Slovakian religions?

Most are Roman-Catholics Most are Roman-Catholics

What are Roman Catholics known as now?

Roman Catholics normally refer to themselves are Catholics or Roman Catholics. Sometimes they use a name associated with a religious if more clarity is desired.

What is the difference from Roman Catholic and Irish Catholic?

Nothing, Irish Catholics are Roman Catholics.

Which was the Roman Catholic colony?

Maryland was established by Catholics for Catholics.

Are the Mexicans Roman Catholics?

The vast majority of Mexicans, both in Mexico and other countries, are Roman Catholics.

What are the differences between Irish Catholics and Catholics?

Irish Catholics are as Catholic as anyone else who professes the Catholic Faith. "Differences" might be found in particular devotions, saints and cultural customs that the Irish celebrate, but these are not so much differences as venues of expression.There isn't one. A catholic, is a catholic. Roman catholic is the catholism practised today, but it doesn't mean they're roman. Irish catholics are Roman catholics. American catholics are Roman catholics. Italian catholics are Roman catholics. It doesn't mean they're roman, but rome was where it origiated, that's why the pope lives there.

What is a roaman church?

Roman Churches usually refer to Roman Catholics. Roman Catholics use a different method of worship compared to Christians.

Are both Roman Catholics and Byzantine Catholics under the pope?


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