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Yes. Rows are identified with numbers. Columns are identified with letters.

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When using Excel 2010 making a change to the look of data is called what?

It is called formatting. A wide range of formatting options are available within Excel 2010.

Can you convert an Excel 2003 spreadsheet to 2010 to add more rows?

If you have 2010, then you can open it and save it as a 2010 workbook. It won't open with Excel 2003 after that though so you cannot have the benefit of the extra rows in Excel 2003. That is one of the reasons for using 2007 or 2010.

Why does your Excel 2010 worksheet have 65536 rows only?

Excel 2010 has 1,048,576 rows. It relates to computers using binary. Many numbers are powers of 2 in computing. 65536 is 2 to the power of 16. In other words if you keep doubling up 2 you will come to 65536 as follows, like 2, 4, 8, 16 etc. Versions of Excel up to Excel 2003 had 65536 rows. All newer versions of Excel have even more rows, having 1,048,576. That is 2 to the power of 20.

How many functions does Excel 2010 have?

Standard Excel 2010 installation has 341 functions.

Can you use Excel 2010 as Excel 2007?

The differences between them are not extensive so you can work in Excel 2010 easily if you are familiar with Excel 2007. You can save your files so that Excel 2007 will recognise them.

How do you play billiards in Excel 2010?

There are no hidden games in Microsoft Excel 2010. The last version that had a hidden game was in Excel 2000. There is a game called Billiards Excel and there are Billiard 2010 games, but these have nothing to do with Microsoft Excel, or any Microsoft software.

What you learn about Excel 2010?

There is a lot to learn about Excel 2010. If you have never used any version of Excel, then a good course about it or even a good book will help. If you have used older versions of Excel, then you would not have much problem learning to use Excel 2010.

How many rows and columns in Excel 2010?

There are 1,048,576 rows and 16,384 columns in Excel 2010

How can I connect tabs in Excel 2010 with information in the spreadsheet itself?

For detailed information on how to connect tabs in Excel 2010 spreadsheet visit keynotesupport.com/excel-basics/excel-linking-worksheets.shtml

What cntrl button copies in Excel 2010?

Ctrl - C will copy in Excel 2010 and in other versions.

How many rows and columns are in Microsoft Excel 2010?

In Excel 2010 there are 1,048,576 rows and 16,384 columns.

What is the last column letter in Excel 2010?

It is column XFD that is the last column in Excel 2010. There are 16384 columns.

Does installing Excel 2013 remove Excel 2010?

Not necessarily. You can have two versions of Excel on one computer.

Is there a quotient function in Microsoft Excel?

Some versions of Excel do not have it but versions since Excel 2010 all do. Prior to that, you could get it in other ways, like using the INT function on the result of a division. So it could be done in these ways, where you are using the cells A5 and D5 in the calculation. =QUOTIENT(A5,D5) =INT(A5/D5)

Is vlookup present in Excel 2007?

Yes, VLOOKUP is still in Excel 2007 and 2010.

How can one convert an Excel spreadsheet to an iif file?

One can convert an Excel spreadsheet to an IIF file using the Microsoft Office 2010 software suite. Also one can convert such files using online services like Spreadsheet Converter and Accountant Pro.

How many columns of Microsoft Excel V2010?

Excel 2010 has 16,384 columns, as does Excel 2007. Versions prior to that had 256 columns.

How do you make a second row of sheet tabs excel?

Most say you cannot (in Excel 2010)

How many functions does Excel have for you to use?

There's about 400 functions in Excel 2010, with less in earlier versions.

When Microsoft Excel is a new version out?

Excel 2010 is the latest version. A 2012 version is under development.

What are the various versions of Microsoft Excel?

( There was no version 1) Excel 2.0 for Windows Excel 3.0 Excel 4.0 Excel 5.0 No version 6 Excel for Windows 95 (version 7.0) in Office 95 Excel 97 (version 8.0) in Office 97. Excel 2000 (version 9.0) in Office 2000 Excel 2002 (version 10) in Office XP Office Excel 2003 (version 11) in Office 2003 Office Excel 2007 (version 12) in Office 2007 No version 13 Excel 2010 (version 14) in Office 2010 Excel 2013 (version 15) in Office 2013

What is the latest computer software that many office employees are using today?

Most offices are using Microsoft Office Suite which includes programs like Outlook, Word, Excel and Publisher. Most are using the 2010 version of these programs.

Can Excel 2010 formulas be used in Excel 2003?

Formulas that work in Excel 2010 will work in any of the older versions of Excel. The main difference from 2007 onwards is the way Excel looks. Fundamentals like how standard formulas are used never changes. It is still a spreadsheet. If they cannot do those standard things then they are not really spreadsheets.

What is on Microsoft professional 2010?

Microsoft Word 2010, Power Point, Outlook and Excel.

How many completed last actions Excel can remember?

Excel (2010) can remember the last 100 actions you completed.

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