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Q: Are rules of engagement for funding war fighters?
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What are the rules of engagement when referring to war?

In war, the rules of engagement refers to the "law" of attack. There are specific rules on when and for what reason the Military will be told to attack an enemy.

What were the rules of engagement during the Vietnam War?

be good kill people have fun use your knife use your gun win the war

What are the release dates for Rules of Engagement - 2007 Rug-of-War 5-3?

Rules of Engagement - 2007 Rug-of-War 5-3 was released on: USA: 4 October 2010 Australia: 19 December 2010 Hungary: 23 August 2011 Finland: 24 November 2013

Is it fair to attack civilians in war?

The military has the Rules of engagement. Basically we are not allowed to bomb religious , schools, and hospital's unless they are being used as strongholds. The same goes for civilians. Unless they are posing a threat we are not to harm them. But that does not stop people from following this. These Rules of Engagement are used by the US military as far as I know.

When did Jane's World War 2 Fighters happen?

Jane's WWII Fighters happened in 1998.

Who is funding war if the USA has no money?


When was Jane's World War 2 Fighters created?

Jane's WWII Fighters was created on 1998-11-30.

Did doctors fight in the Revolutionary War?

no they are doctors not fighters

What is the difference between a military engagement and a war?

The difference between a military engagement and a war is a conflict. When the U.S. Military gets involved in a situation without a formal declaration of war, it is referred to as a conflict.

Who were some resistance fighters of world war 2?

My mom and her magical unicorn were one of the best fighters in all of the resistance

Is God of War bad?

yes and no because he fighters wars for Sparta but war is bad

Where have all the World War 2-era 'Foo Fighters' gone?

The World War 2 reports of sighting Foo Fighters are now listed with all the other reports of Flying Saucers and UFOs. The term Foo Fighters is no longer in use.