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Yes, if you think to sodium chloride.

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Do salt crystals grow more than sugar crystals?

Sugar crystals grow slower than salt crystal, but they grow the same length

Why their is the same result when you add sugar and salt in the soda?

The results are the same when you add sugar and salt to soda because they crystals are the same. If you look at salt and sugar crystals under a microscope they look and react similar.

Why is salt an ingredient for salt crystals?

because that is what the salt crystals are made of

Why are salt crystals diamond?

Salt crystals may reflect light like a diamond, but salt crystals are not diamonds.

What is the difference between Epsom salt and table salt crystals?

The table salt crystals are more tightly packed together than the epsom salt, and epsom salt crystals are dryer and thinner then the table salt crystals.

Why do crystals have salt?

Crystals of salt are face-cubic centered.

What is a conclusion for salt ice crystals?

what is the conclusion for salt crystals

What shape are salt crystals?

Table salt crystals are cubical, Epsom salt are prisms.

Are salt crystals a pure substance?

no. salt crystals are made out of elements

Are there crystals in other foods besides salt?

no. There is only crystals in salt

What is the difference between sugar crystals and salt crystals?

Salt crystals are made from salt, and sugar crystals are made from sugar. These are two very different materials as salt is a mineral and sugar is an organic compound.

Do salt or sugar crystals grow faster and why?

Salt crystals grow faster because, i found crystals with high amounts of salt that grow faster. I have done this experiment myself and my salt crystals grew way faster than sugar crystals.

How do you make salt crystals?

Suspend a string into a glass of salt solution and allow the water to evaporate, the salt will collect on the string in crystals. Making rock candy can be done the same way if you use sugar instead.

How can you tell the difference between calcite crystals and salt crystals?

Salt crystals are cubes (look at table salt under a magnafiying glass). Calcite crystals are most comonly rhombohedral.

Why do salt crystals have lots of salt?

Because these crystals are formed from sodium chloride.

How do halite crystals form?

Halite crystals are salt crystals, and they form when water with lots of salt in it evaporates, leaving the salt behind in crystal form.

What are types of crystals that you can grow?

you can grow many types of crystals but the most common are: .sugar crystals .epsom salt .salt and vinegar .salt .borax

Can you make crystals from salt water?

Yes, if you boil salt water away, you will be left with salt crystals.

Is kosher salt saltier than regular salt?

It has the same saltiness as kosher salt is identical to table salt other than the size of the crystals which are larger.

Name some crystals to grow?

Salt Crystals, Seed crystals, and sugar crystals

Are sugar crystals more complex than salt crystals?

Yes. Salt crystals are made up of NaCl, and sugar crystals are made up of C12H22O11.

Do salt crystals take longer to form than sugar crystals?

salt has stronger and more quality than suger crystals

Why do salt crystals form faster?

It depends how saturated the salt solution is. The more saturated with salt, the faster crystals will form.

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