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Yes. As of 2002, same-sex couples enjoy full joint adoption rights in Sweden.


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I don't think you can. You either has to be single or married to adopt. Just living together is neither. if you are in a samesex relationship and has gone through partnership might be possible though.

Yes, it is allowed for a Muslim girl or boy to have a boy friend However; if they are of opposite sex; they should practice any kind of oral sex (kissing, touching, ... etc) or intercourse sex. They should avoid being alone in closed areas away from people. Friendship should be within the limits of advice exchange and consultation, cooperation for the community benefit, cooperation in study and knowledge exchange, social activities, .... etc. Any sexual practices (oral or intercourse) should be within licit marriage per Islam teachings and rules. It is to be emphasized that; per Islamic teachings; samesex practices (oral or intercourse sex) are strictly forbidden and not allowed.

The law varies from state to state and from country to country. In US states where same-sex couples are permitted to marry, yes they may jointly adopt children. In some other states, joint adoption by a same-sex couple is possible, but in most it is not.

Same-sex couples were not able to be married in California in 2011, until after the appeal of Proposition 8 which took away gay people's right to marriage is decided in Federal Court. Same-sex couples were legally permitted to adopt children in California in 2011.

Yes! I am not gay but I have a relative that is gay and I respect her!!

When couples get married they exchange vows.

Not every couple wants to have children. Some married couples are happy together and choose to remain childless. Other married couples want to have kids but for some reason, they cannot. In western culture, some studies show about 7-10% of people are childless by choice, although there is no way to know if that figure is accurate. In the modern world, people make decisions about whether to have a family, how large they want that family to be, when they want to begin having children or whether they prefer not to have any. A married couple without children (whether by choice or because they cannot have children due to health reasons) would simply be called "a married couple who have no children."

What is the percent for married couples to stay married for 70 years?

couples exchange vows when getting married.

(Please add worldwide stats here if they can be found)In Canada in 2006, approximately 16% of gay married couple had children, (assuming proportional marriage rates of men and women are proportionate to 2010 rates, about 53.5% male, 46.5% female.) This works out to about 1200 out of 7500 married couples in Canada.

Yes, since 1997. Before 1997, only married couples could jointly adopt children.

Couples exchange vows when they get married. They may also exchange wedding rings.

St. Joseph, spouse of the Virgin Mary, is the patron saint of married couples.

sometimes it has a lot to do with children, or lonesome, or in rare cases family believe it or not but mother and father in laws have a lot to do in a married couples realationship.

ln 2008, 212 couples got married in the Eiffel Tower.

IN TENNESSEE•In 2000, there were 10,189 same-sex couples living in Tennessee.•By 2005, the number of same-sex couples increased to 13,570.3 This increase likely reflects same-sex couples' growing willingness to disclose their partnerships on government surveys.SAME-SEX COUPLES ARE RAISING CHILDREN IN TENNESSEE, YET WITH FEWER ECONOMIC RESOURCES THAN MARRIED PARENTS• 16% of same-sex couples in Tennessee are raising children under the age of 18.• As of 2005, an estimated 4,233 of Tennessee's children are living in households headed by same-sex couples.• In Tennessee, married and same-sex couples with children under 18 in the home have, on average, 2 children.• More than 1% of Tennessee's adopted children (or 384 children) live with a lesbian or gay parent.•39% of same-sex couples with children have only one wage earner, compared to 36% of married parents.For more information, contact:The Williams InstituteUCLA School of LawBox 951476Los Angeles, CA 90095-1476T (310)267-4382F (310)

No. There are state and federal laws that bestow scores of legal rights, obligations and protections to legally married couples. Unmarried couples have no such rights, obligations nor protections under the law.

No. As of April 2012, Fred Couples does not have any children.

Family law can involve relationships of married couples, unmarried couples, or couples undergoing divorce. Additional family relationships that may involve lawyers include parent and child. unmarried parents, neglected children, foster care, and adoption

The main reason is they want to be kind and welcome a child into their home. Many couples try to have biological children but they are not able to, so they adopt. Other couples believe there are so many unloved children with no parents that it would be a humane gesture to give such a child a good home. There are many good reasons to adopt a child, and a number of agencies that will give you information about how to go about it.

This is a figure that cannot be calculated, but experts say that the divorce rate for same-sex married couples is lower than that for heterosexual married couples.

47% Married couples are still livin with the same naggin wife and inresondable husband for 25 years!

Same-sex couples were permitted to marry in Connecticut by order of the State Supreme Court beginning November 12, 2008. Prior to that, no same-sex couple ever legally married in the state of Connecticut. However, since April 23, 2009, the right of same-sex couples to marry in Connecticut has been statutory, rather than based upon an order of the court.

If specifically asking about marriages, see related question below. In it's literal form, this question is very hard to answer as many couples, regardless of genders, do not develop into long term partnerships. Gay marriages have the highest percentage of households with children, at 16% in Canada. This is followed by same-sex common law unions which have about half the rate of households with children at about 8% in Canada. The percentage of non-common law, non married gay couples with children is much lower. In the United States, about 20% of gay couples are raising children as of 2014.

You send a single wedding invitation to married couples and minor children. To grown children, you send individual wedding invitations.

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