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Yes. All sea turtles are listed as threatened or extinct.

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Are there any animals that are endangered due to animal testing?

sea turtles,tigers,rabbits,rats,lions etc.....these all animals are gettind endangerd because of experiments.

Are turtles sea animals or land animals?

Turtles are sea animals except for when they bury their eggs and then they go on land.

Do sea turtles fight?

No, actually Sea Turtles are very docile animals.

Do turtles call animals?

no they do not no they do not unless they are sea turtles

What animals hunt sea turtles?

sea turtles get hunted by people and allso sharks

Are green sea turtles endangerd speises?

yes, they are very endangered,they will also become extinct if someone does not help.

What sea animals are endangered?

there are whales , sea turtles and shark's

Why are sea turtles in trouble?

animals eat their eggs and there r many predators in the sea that eat turtles

What animals can hold their breath?

All animals that live under the sea (in the ocean), and sea turtles.

What do turtles get eaten by?

sea turtles get eaten by alligators and much more animals.

What eats blue bottles?

sea turtles and other sea animals

Do sea turtles live in he pacific ocean?

your ? was do sea turtles live in the Pacifc. yes they do because sea turtles can survive in the pacific ocean unlike some other animals.

Do sea turtles make good pets?

No. Sea turtles are endangered animals protected by the law and it is illegal to have one as a pet.

What animals are at the beach?

seagulls, crabs & sea turtles

Are terrapins and turtles the same?

Yes and no, you see turtles are an entire family of animals (snapping turtles, sea turtles tortoises, and terrapins) Terrapins are pond turtles as in they live in ponds and lakes, unlike tortoises or sea turtles.

What animals live in the coastal zone?

Sea turtles, sea horses, and jellyfish

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