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Are sea urchins predators?

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No. Sea urchins are primary consumers and only eat sea weed, algae and kelp.

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What do the needles on sea urchins do?

Protect it from predators.

What predators does seaweed have?

sea urchins, humans, sea cows...

What are the predators of bull kelp?

The predators of bull kelp are sea urchins.

What are a sea urchin's predators?

Otters are a sea urchins key predators. If the sea urchin population gets out of hand in a kelp forest, all the kelp are eaten by the sea urchins and hypoxia results.

What are sea otters predators?

Sea Otters are predators to sea urchins, mollusks, and some fish. I am 11 and i know this because i have to write a report!

Are sea stars predators?

Yes sea stars are predators, because they eat barnacles, chitin's, snails, urchins, limpets, sponges and sea anemones, and that's what makes them predators.

Who are jellyfishes predators?

turtles.sharks,sea urchins jellyfish are 95%water .

What adaptations do sea urchins need to survive?

they have spines that react to predators

How does a sea urchins protect themselves?

Sea urchins protect themselves by way of the multiple spines that stick out of them, pointing in all directions to prevent predators from attacking.

What are natural predators of starfish?

rock crabs, sea urchins,and the giant Triton

What are sea urchins adaptations?

the sea urchin has many adaptions like its spikes to protect it self from predators.

Do sea urchins have predators?

Yes it does they are sea otters, crabs, and a type of fish.Yes it does they are sea otters, crabs, and a type of fish.

What is the functions of spines in sea urchins?

They protect the sea urchin from predators, help in movement and burrowing, and they help them with camouflage.

How do sea otters do to the kelp forest?

One of kelp's predators is the sea urchin. Sea otters eat sea urchins, that is how they help kelp. (that rhymes)

What are a sea urchins threats?

what are a sea urchins movement

Do sea urchins live in Connecticut?

No. Sea urchins live in the sea.

What are sea urchins predators?

Mostly,their predators are like seals or any type of sea animals that come onto the rocks. But, one of their main predators are humans. We take them for food, and museums, and that definitely shortens their life span.

What sea animals eat sea urchins?

sea otters eat sea urchins

Where do sea urchins come from?

sea urchins come from the ocean

Are sea urchins a mammal?

Sea urchins are echinoderms, not mammals.

Do sea urchins communicate?

Sea urchins do not communicate with each other

Ho do sea urchins reproduce?

sea urchins can either reproduce sexually or asexually sea urchins can either reproduce sexually or asexually

How deep in the sea do sea urchins live?

How deep do sea urchins live

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